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The front garden has only one basket of peppers to go out and everyone is saying it looks great. In Walthamstow village We are getting ready for the yearly Waltham Forest Clean up on Saturday, but at number 19 Eden Road Their prairie front garden is looking stunning. In Hackney at the corner of Parkholm Rd and Dalston Lane a roof garden is showing what can be done with a few baskets. From the traffic lights it looks great. I was in urrey at the Horsal Village open gardens. Many of the lovely gardens looked absolutely spick and span, but it was not my taste being ordinary English plants and in the typical English style. There was even an allotment which was open for viewing and is also in the NGS Open Gardens.

Frontgdnb0611 Prariee0611 Roofgdn0611 Surrygdn0611 Allotmts0611
In the back garden the Cycad is at last pushing up new fonds after a long time with bottom heat. The Aeonium cuneatum Looks like it is ready to flower, but even if it does not it looks great. The Ornitogallum is in full flower. At the front the Feverfew is looking great alongside an everlasting pea which is growing as a weed and which I have left. There is only one Pomegranate flower on the shrub I wonder if I will get a fruit.

Cycad0611 Aeonium0611 Ornitglum0611 Feverfew0611 Pomegranate0611
So what's been growing in the front garden to date. I have a nice cauliflower growing just inside the fence. On the front wall the small Cucumbers are swelling up and no one has pinched any so far. Many more to come. On the Bay roof the Courgettes are swelling up. Also by the front fence the apples are looking great. Finally lats year's Leeks that I did not eat has started to flower. I have new ones growing at the back to replace these, but the allium flowers are looking so good I might leave them to form seeds.

Cauliflwr0611 Cucumber0611 Courget0611 Apple0611 Leeks0611
I did not managed to get into Chelsea, but I had two visitors from Kentucky USA visit me and I pinched a few of their pics to show some of the wonderful displays at The Chelsea Flower Show 2011. The first is a floral display which I think is stunning. The next is the South Africa display. It really transport you to Table mountain. The next is one of the display gardens. For me it is a little too cluttered as regards space, but wonderful all the same. How about this display from Thialand. A complete temple as large as a detached house, with elephants and other animals and completely made of flowers. The last is a jacket made of flowers. Beat that if you can.

Chelsea0511a Chelsea0511b Chelsea0511c Chelsea0511d Chelsea0511e
Looking at the back garden from up on the roof it looks lush, but there are still a few places where I can put some new plants. The grapes inside the greenhouse are quite large, but the ones outside are still in flower. The weather and growing conditions are quite weird at the moment. I am sure that I was much further on last year. Must check my last years blog. The Centaurea is flowering and the bumble bees are working the Tradiscantia like no ones business. My Begonias tubers this year were so far behind I had to buy new ones and are at last starting to get a move on.

Bkgdn0611 Grapes0611 Centaura0611 Tradis0611 Begonia0611
June already, boy how time flies. So whats been happening. A lot in a few words several magazines have expressed an interest in featuring the garden and I have been busy tidying up so that when they visit the garden looks reasonable. Although not finished as yet as my Open days do not start until the 17th July. Anyway at long last I deem the weather fine enough to put my center-piece on the bay roof. It is a lemon tree with old and new lemons on. It should be in its prime by the 17th July. The front garden is now fully planted out and I am waiting for things to grow. At the moment they seem to have stuck and are only growing slowly. I am a little worried. Still the front garden looks good enough without reaching its prime. People are constantly stopping to have a look, so some things must be OK. Inside the Medinilla is flowering and in the back garden the Stritlitzia is continuing to flower. The Tree Ferns are also coming along well.

Lemon0611 Frntgdn0611 Medinilla0611 Stritlzia0611 Treefrn0611

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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