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In the front garden where there is Food, Fruit and Herbs my first courgette is comming along well, In the back garden the Angels Trumpets are not yet at their best, but are still scenting up the back. The Bat Plant next to the Acer looks to be doing fine after I have put it outside. Hope it does not get scorched as did the Sky Flower. The Cestrum is covered in many flowers and the Calla Lily, both Green Goddess and the White are in flower.

Courjet0511 Angtrmpt0511 Batplant0511b Cestrum0511 Zanth0511
I went to Chelsea hoping to get a returned ticket, but got there too late and only saw a little bit of Dermut Gavins garden from outside the fencing. I think the RHS ticketing system is somewhat archaic and needs reforming. When I got there most people had left the show and it was reasonably uncrouded. I think there could be some lee-way where those leaving could be counted out and some visitors who wanted to enter could be let in. Anyway I left without gaining entry. On my way tot he dentist in Hatersley Road in Walthamstow is a front garden that looked great amongst the other barren front garden. The Stritlitzia now in the garden is at last opening its flowers. The Dutzia also looks great so is the Ladies Mantle and Oxalis.

Dermot0511 Hatlyrd0511 Stritlzia0511 Dutzia0511 Ldymntle0511
At Kew Gardens there were many orchids still in flower and the waterlily house had the usual Amazonian Waterlilies and Lotus flowers along with many other climbers and plants of interest. In the Princess of Wales Conservatory one of my favourite plants the Clerodendron Thomsonii was still in full bloom and the Caladiums looked great. Some of the cactii were also spectacular.

Kewwtrlily0511 Keworchid0511 Kewthmsni0511 Kewcalad0511 Kewcactus0511
At the back in the conservatory the epiphyllum has put on such a display as to knock you out when passing by. The Bat plant is being kept inside to make sure it is in peak condition for the show. I think I will put it outside today. Sitting in the garden I am so pleased to see the blue tits back. Although I have not seen them I have been told they have nested in one of the boxes. Here one of them is having a bath in the water feature. I managed a visit to Kew Gardens to show a couple of visitors from America who wanted to see my garden. Hope they will not be too disappointed after visiting Chelsea and Kew Gardens. There were many orchids still in flower at Kew. Kew's Rhizotron and Xstrata Treetop Walkway was very inspiring as was the view of the Temperate greenhouses.

Epiphyllum0511 Batplant0511 Bluetit0511 Kewttopwlk0511 Kewtmprgh0511
At long last I have found time to update this months blog. It has been a very busy time getting the garden ready for the show in July. Also being involved in the village gardening team has taken up almost every hour in the day. Also I have been involved in stopping the council from making the streets from being made residents only. My Open days would not be the same if visitors cannot park nearby. So what's been happening in the garden. Many of the orchids are still flowering. Here the Spider orchid is in full bloom and looking great. The front garden is coming on well although I am a little worried as things seems to be growing slowly and I have had to change some of my plans. In the Village square we have managed to replant most of the beds and are looking forward to many months of wonderful blooms. The miniture rose in the front garden has put on a wonderful show as has many of the roses in the back garden, such as the peace rose.

Spiderorchid0511 Frntgdn0511 Vilsquare0511 Minrose0511 Peacerose0511

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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