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This page as updated on 23rd April 2011

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At last I have been able to find time to update this blog. The garden at the front of the house is being added to every day from now on. At the moment the plums, nectarine and peaches are in full flower and looking well. Inside at the back the Clivia is in full flower. The Pear miniturised Pear tree that will grace the front garden is also in full flower and being pollinated by a nearby pear tree. I am looking forward to many more pears this year. On Saturday the 23rd Waltham Forest Council held their 9th annual spring clean and the Walthamstow Village Residence Association (WVRA) joined in and at least 100 people came and help with many gardening and other jobs around the village. Although WVRA provided some basic foods and drinks we were very pleased that the Quan Tao temple members, who also helped in the clean up, also brought along many wonderful tasting foods that we all scoffed down. A wonderful time was had by all. On April 3rd The usual WVRA village clean up and plants and seed exchange will be held in the village square.

Frontgdn0311 Cliviab0311 Pear0311 Counclnupb0311 Counclnupa0311
Other beauties on show at Kew Gardens is one of my favourite plants, one which I have at home, but has not flowered as good as this one is the Clerodendron Thompsonii. Another One I have at home, but has not flowered as yet is ??? (Can't remember its name), beautiful though. Outside the ducks with their brood are enjoying the grass. In the orchid house, this yellow beauty and how about this for a succulent flower.

Cleroden0311 Unknow0311 Kewducks0311 Orchidb0311 Succlent0311
Yesterday I went to one of my favourite places Kew Gardens. I was there for a tree Identification tour. Our Host was Anne Bawtree. I must say that it might sound like a boring, but it is nothing but. This tour is on until Sat 30 April 2011 on Wednesdays and Saturdays around 1pm. Only £5. Our guide Anne was so knowledgeable and kind and patient as she explained the difference between the different Cedar of Lebanon, pines, conifers, Larches, Plane, Silver Birch, Oaks, Horse Chestnut, Sweet Chestnut and many more. We all had a great time. Thanks Anne. As I was there I popped into the greenhouses and found many many plants in flower or fruits. The Coco tree had many pods on. Outside many Magnolia trees were coming into full bloom. The Daffodils lined the route to the Orangery. The Orchids from the orchid show was being taken down, but in the orchid house in the Princess of Wales Conservatory were many wonderful orchids in flower.

Annebawtree0311 Cocoa0311 Kwemagnolia0311 Kewdaffs0311 Orchid0311
The official start of spring is not until next week, but despite the cold damp overcast weather we have been enduring Spring have arrived in and around the village. At the end of my road Eden Road looks great with all the Prunus trees in flower on the roadside. As you drive around the Forsythia is now in full bloom. The Camelias in many gardens is striking and brightens up the place. Although my garden looks bleak at the moment, as it is not time to plant vegetables, my next door neighbour Magnolia really cheers you up as you pass by.

Edenrd0311 Forsyth0311 Camelia0311 Cameliab0311 Magnol0311
Well I finally found time to update this blog. The Clivia flowers have just opened and looking great. In the garden the plum, Nectarine and Peach trees are in flower and I will have to get my pollination brush out as there is not many insects out in there grey overcast weather we have been enduring for the last few weeks. At the back garden the Kerria japonica is also bursting out. It is pleasing to see the great effort being made by many of the villagers to keep the public flower beds looking great. Several villagers new to gardening are taking an interest in looking after them. It makes the place a much better place to live in.

Clivia0311 Plums0311 Nectarine0311 Kerria0311 Bededenrd0311

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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