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This page as updated on 26th May 2007

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Well what have I been doing the last couple of weeks. A lot of time has been spent correcting small errors in this website. I have been desperately trying to plant out all my bedding plants and tidying the garden. Almost all of the tender plants have been planted out and are in position. The Geranium maderense is still in good flower and as my tree fern was not doing as well as expected I decided to repot it to a larger pot. The picture below shows the root ball being teased out before repotting. This was a big job as it is about 8 feet(1.8mtrs) tall without the fronds. My visit to the Chelsea flower show was a bit of a desaster as I forgot my camera and had to use my phone camera nevertheless I have posted below some of the pictures I took. I have left the pictures to do the talking. I hope you enjoy them. How about the Dracunculus Vulgaris flower it is about 2 feet(60cm) in length. At the time of taking the picture it was not smelling, but two days later it was very smelly. Several of the Vodo lily are also in flower, but are not so striking as the |Dracunculus.

Germad507 Treefernroot Dracuncula
One more picture of the main hall flower show. Some well dressed gentlemen at the chelsea Flower Show and Some exhibits of garden sculpture at the show.

Chelmainfl8 Chelsculp1 Chelsculp2 Chelsculp3 Chelstew1
Some more of the flower arrangements in the main Hall at chelsea. The smell of the strawberries was wonderful. The method of growing mushrooms in a plastic I must try sometime. When I have more time I will put their website address with this blog. Well here it is (The Mushroom Basket Other mushroom sites (British Mycological Society and

Chelmainfl3 Chelmainfl4 Chelmainfl5 Chelmainfl6 Chelmainfl7
The first three pictures are of show gardens and the last two are of flower arrangements in the main hall at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Chelgdn9 Chelgdn10 Chelgdn11 Chelmainfl1 Chelmainfl2
The first two pictures are of the overall winner at The Chelsea Flower Show about plants that would grow in a garden on Mars. The last picture is of a garden in roman Britain complete with centurian. The picture with the centurian did not come out well so only the garden is shown. The others are of other show gardens.

Chelgdn4 Chelgdn5 Chelgdn6 Chelgdn7 Chelgdn8
More of the flower arrangements and 3 of the show gardens that were on show at the Chelsea flower show 2007. The last picture is one picture of the overall winner of the show gardens. It is about how a garden on Mars might look like and some of the plants that would grow there.

Chelflarr6 Chelflarr7 Chelgdn1 Chelgdn2 Chelgdn3
These are some of the flower arrangements that were on show at the Chelsea flower show 2007.

Chelflarr1 Chelflarr2 Chelflarr3 Chelflarr4 Chelflarr5

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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