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This page as updated on 28th December 2010

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I have been programming the website and testing to make sure that it works until yesterday when I uploaded it to the web. Testing in different browsers followed. I had already tested them in different browsers on my local machine and all worked well. I came down to earth with a bump when Internet Explorer browser was the only browser to refuse to accept all the coding. Today about a couple of hours ago I found the cause. Brackets () around a Javascript call were needed. All other browsers accepted the code, but not IE. Still it is working now, but if anyone finds that they are having problems please let me know. The main difference you will notice is that when you go to plants that has two or more pictures, you will get a slideshow. You can stop and start the slideshow at will. Hope you find it an improvement. I am still using the old Ruby on Rails and had to reverse engineer the coding from the new version. I will not use the new version until the next upgrade to Ruby on Rails as there are a couple of new things that are coming with the next two upgrades and I do not want to start messing with the code again when I load the new version of ROR. I now feel I can get back to gardening. Here is to wishing you all a Prosperous and Happy New Year.

Tuesday the 14 of December the weather held out and was quite warm for the village carol singing around the christmas tree supplied by the Waltham Forest council. I wonder if they will have the money for next year with all the cuts in local government due to the financial crisis the country is in. The Walthamstow Village Residents Association provided the East London Brass band. The snow came back again with a vengeance later in the week It made driving very dicy for a few days. My old car managed to cope with it all. I managed two whisky tasting one at the Whisky Shop in Paternoster Square in london near St Pauls where we tasted several of one of my favoured whisky Jura The other tasting was at Milroyds of Greek St near tottenham Court Road Underground station where we were introduced to the blended whiskies from Compas Box I am now a fan of their whiskies bought several. The owner was there to explain his philosophy of taste being most important. I agree all were very excellent. Peat monster was smoke and peat on the nose, but the taste was massive, complex and wonderful. Finally it is Christmass and I managed to save the brussels sprouts grown on the roof for dinner. Wonderful taste they were, but the kids did not like them and only about half were eaten, but that means more for me later. Food from the front garden is still coming in here the Celeriac and the parsnips have survived the freezing temperatures I look forward to eating them.

Carolsing1210 Snowb1210 Whisky1210 Brussels1210 Food1210
Despite the weather its is business as usual at columbia Road flower market. I splashed out on a massive cactus for 25 pounds. These sellers and marketeers are a tough lot, come rain or shine they are always there on a Sunday morning between 8an ad 2pm sometimes stretching to past 3pm, Don't tell the wardens or they might get in trouble. Most marketeers start closing down around 2pm when the market is still packet with visitors.

Cactus1210 Columbiarda1210 Columbiardb1210 Columbiardc1210 Columbiardd1210
December already! Dosen't time flies when you are busy. I am still writing computer code to improve the website, So the garden is still on the back seat. I will soon have to start planting some seeds like Onions and garlic and the garden soil will need to be prepared for the spring. There are lots to dig up and compost and give the soil time to settle before planting in the spring. Plenty of plants to re-pot and get ready for the spring. Inside all the Phalanopsises are in bud or in flower. The Jewel Orchid is also in bloom and the Gongora must think it is Spring as it is sending out flower racemes. The Anthurium I was given for winning the best front garden is still flowering well and outside the snow keeps falling.

Orchidwhite1210 Jewilorchid1210 Gongora1210 Anthurium1210 Snow1210

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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