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This page as updated on 24th November 2010

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Finally I have almost completed the rewrite of my website for the new version of the language. It will not be deployed until 2 further updates to the language as there are more things that will change. I am so pleased as I can now get back to a semi normal life.
The frost have arrived earlier than I expected and now almost all the plants have been brought inside. The tree ferns and the Protea and a few other hardier plants will be brought inside tomorrow.
It has been so cold that the dripping tap has formed its own artwork. Many of the tender plants are now flattened by the frost. The Calla lily is no longer standing upright and will not resprout until late winter or early spring. The Nastursums on the front fence is no longer and will all be tidied up soon. Most of the foliage will be placed over the roots of the plants to protect them until the spring. The snow has come very early this year and it has been many decades since we had snow like this in London. One thing the snow shows is that wildlife is still about as the tracks of a fox is seen coming down the path.

Insideplnts1110 Frzntap1110 Callalily1110 Frontfnce1110 Snowbkyd1110
The frost will soon be affecting this area of north east London where I live and I have started to erect some of the shelter and protection for some plants that stay outside. The Agave polycarbonate shelter is now up and covering the Agave. The Umbrella over the Tree Fern is also up, which will enable me to leave the Tree Fern outside until well into December. Unless heavy frost is on the cards. I will soon bebring inside the tender plants like the Lantanas. The Yellow variety is still flowering. Inside the Epiphillum is about to flower out of season, but is flowers are welcomed as will be the Christmas Cactus which is pushing out its flower buds as I write this blog.

Agaveshltr1110 Umbrella1110 Lantanayel1110 Epiphyllum1110 Christmascactus1110
It is now November and some parts of the garden is still looking good, whilst some parts needs some TLC. I have neen neglecting the garden in order to get the website re-written. The Nastursums on the front fence is flowering well. There are still some crops to come from the garden here the black Olives are still on the tree in the front garden. The Tibuchina will soon be brought inside, but for now it is flowering well at the back. The Shoo-fly plant lanterns(fruit bracts) adds some interest and the Feverfew bright flowers are livening up the mainly dead front garden. I will have to start clearing up the crops from the front garden soon in order to get ready for next years show.

Nastursum1110 Olives1110 Tibuchins1110 Shoofly1110 Feverfew1110

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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