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This page as updated on 31st October 2010

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Still busy with programming the website, but found time to bring down and inside the Achmea fasicata from the tree fern. What a fantastic flower. Sometimes the plant that lives in the harshest conditions produce the most gorgeous flowers. I have now started to bring inside the most tender plants. I almost chopped down the Abutilon as it is past its best and part of the trunk is dead, but it is now in full flower. The Abutilon megapotamicum is also flowering well as it the Iochroma.

Achema1010b Inside1010 Abutwhite1010 Abutmeg1010 Iochroma1010
I have been concentrating on re-writing the website in the latest version of Rails3.x so over the last 3 months the garden has taken a back seat and I have done very little. Now that the weather is getting near to frost time I will have to start bringing inside some of the plants. I have already started with the tropical Hibiscuses and will be busy again soon after bringing in the other tender plants and putting up protection for those staying outside. I have been to the Village committee AGM wher several villagers received their certificates for their participation in both the London in Bloom and Britain in Bloom competition. The village now has 2 silver Guilt certificates for all the effort put in by the committee. I received my certificate and there were plenty of food, wines and drinks to be had. The plant in the food picture was also my resent for winning the competition. Back to plants One of my special Orchid "Gongora galeatia" is flowering for the second time. It is unusual to see a brown coloured orchid.

Villagecert1010 Britinblmvillcert1010 Britinblmcirtificate1010 Villagefood1010 Gongora1010
Back to flowers in the back garden. The Ginger Lily and the Brugmansias are really scenting the garden as many more flowers have opened. The Begonia Rex plants are looking great in its very shaded area of the garden. An unexpected surprise is that the Calla lily is flowering again, perhaps it thinks it is spring again. The Burgainvillea is still flowering well and looks great against the dull misty skies. Shoo-Flies(Nicranda) has popped up all around the garden and flowering well.

Gingerlily1010 Begonia1010 Callalily1010 Bourgainvillea1010 Nicranda1010
Finally I have made time to update this blog. I have spent the past two months re-writing this website and I will be at it for a long time to come. I am re-writing it in the new versions of Ruby and Rails and so far I have got most of the code working, but there some new ways of doing things in the new versions of Ruby and Rails. I feel I must do it as sometime in the future I will be forced to use it. Anyway back to the garden. The front garden although neglected is still looking reasonable and has lots more produce to give. I feel chuffed at the report of the Britain in Bloom committee for Walthamstow as my garden has received a special mentiion. A copy of the Walthastow section is under the front garden picture. Lots of different peppers are still to be picked. I will have to pickle most of them as I cannot eat all before they are past their best. The runner beans are past their best as they have been attacked by red spider, but there are still crops to be had. The Sicillian marrow has reached the guttering and still growing strong. If I remove the last fruit perhaps I might get some more. I will do that tomorrow. The pumpkins have also got a new lease of life and growing strongly. I am looking forward to eating some of the brussels sprouts as many of them are ready to eat.

Frontgarden1010 Peppers1010 Rnnrbeans1010 Sicillianmar1010 Brussels101

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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