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This page as updated on 24th September 2010

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October is nearly here and most of this month have been taken up with sorting out some coding with this website. I finally cracked it yesterday and can get back to other things like tidying up the garden and start to prepare for next years show. I am still eating food from the front garden and next year, as this has been such a huge success I am repeating it again. I hope it will be even better as I now know more about what will grow where compared to this year. What about this for a Greek Marrow. I must remember to save the seeds. It looks like a butternut squash, but even larger. I will report about its taste when I eat it. Finally the Achema has started to flower. I have not looked in the other vases to see if there is any more flowers, but it is nice to see this wonderful plant flowering. The Ginger Lily is still flowering and scenting the garden in the evening. As are the Angels Trumpet. My verigated versioon of these palnts is looking splendid after finally recovering from last winter suffering. It has not flowered this year, but will certainly do so next year. The Achillea ptarmica has been in flower since June this year and it is still in flower. This is the best year for this pond plant as normally it stops by now.

Greekmar0910 Achema0910 Gingerly0910 Angelstmpt0910 Achillea0910
What I like about my kind of gardening is that although it is not perfectly pristine as you would see Chelsea or other high society shows. It often gives me a nice surprise. I did not expect my Globe Artichoke to flower this year and it was getting crowded by the tomatoes today when I was doing some picking there was a flower head almost ready for picking. Next year I expect more flowers. Climbing on the roof the garden looks quite different from that viewpoint. This year I have decided to try and put an insect box up in order to attract beneficial insects to the garden. At long last the Sky flower has started to flower. This plant is spectacular when in full flower and it is almost covered in these sky blue and white flowers. The Aristolochia has blessed me with several more flowers.

Artichoke0910 Backgdn0910 Insectbox0910 Skyflower0910 Aristolochiab0910
Just to let you all Know Walthamstow village has won the best urban community for the second year running in the London in Bloom competition. It also got a silver guilt for all its efforts. My food, fruit and herb garden won the best in the Village. All congrats must go to the Walthamstow Village in Bloom Helen, Teresa, Graham and John and all the villagers and helpers who pulled their fingers out to help. Thanks must also go to Waltham Forest Council who made a great effort to keep the village spick and span. We await the results for the Britain in bloom at the end of the month.

Lnvilinblm0910 Bloomteam0910 Villsq0910 Insectbx00910 Tenplate0910
Well its now September and the fruits and food from the front garden is coming thick and fast. The pears in the front garden will soon be ready for eating. The Sicillian Marrow and the Zucca from Italy has matures and will now face the pot. I do not know how they taste as I have not taste them before. The sweet corn was on the small side, but were very sweet. The Aubergenes are about to face the pot as soon as I am ready to cook them. I will add some sweet peppers and some habernero peppers from the roof above the front door. What about this for a tomato. It is a Big Boy variety and I have grown them many years ago and had a bunch of five the smallest one was 8oz(226g) and the largest was 1lb 10oz(793g). They are very fleshy with little seeds and taste scrumptious. The

Pears0910 Marrows0910 Aubergene0910 Peppers0910 Tomato0910
The Ginger Lily has at last opened its first flower and the scent is wonderful. The Dutchmans pipe has produced several more flower pods and will be in flower again soon. My favourite Rosemary has had its summer rest and have started to flower again and will be doing so right through the winter until next June. The Crinums are still flowering well and the Tibuchina has at last started to flower.

Gingerlily0910 Aristolochia0910 Rosemary0910 Crinums0910 Tibuchina0810

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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