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This page as updated on 27th July 2010

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The outdoor cucumbers in the pots in the front fence are producing a fair number of cucumbers. The Custard Squashes caught mildew and have struggled, but are now producing some squashes. The Beefstake (Big Boy) tomatoes are also producing some nice tomatoes. The Front garden is looking great and the Aubergene that I have replaced the Cauliflower with has a couple of Aubergenes and some more flowers. While at the back the Nicotina scenting the garden in the evening.

Outcucum0710 Custardsquash0710 Bfstktom0710 Frontgardenb0710 Nicotina0710
In the front garden the Sicillian marrow has reached about 1 metre and is about 25cm in diameter. The Zucca is also reaching maturity. The F1 grafted Cucumber is producing its second crop and the ordinary F1 is about to produce its first crop. This yellow plum Tomato looks like it will produce a good crop. At long last the pumpkins are starting to swell up.

Sicillianmar0710 Zuccab0710 F1cuc0710 Plumtom0710 Pumpkin0710
At last i am feeling a little better after my chest infection and am able to do some of the other jobs needed. In the garden the Lilies are putting on a fabulous display, as is the Crocosmia lucifer and Phlox. The Hardy Hibiscus has started to flower and soon will be covered in these wonderful flowers. The Solanum Wendlandlii looks great under the leaves of next doors mock Acasia.

Liliies0710 Crocosmia0710 Phlox0710 Hibiscus0710 Solwendl0710
At long last I have managed to nearly complete the pathway I started a few years ago. My main problems were to obtain the various colours I wanted. There is still work to be done, but it is looking good. The Dry area is a little sad as the great Agave is not as yet recovered, but the Aloes, Cats Tails and Sedums are making an effort to improve the area. I have been suffering from the flu for the past week and I am only now getting back into the swing of things. I will update this blog soon. Its now time to replace the garlic and Radishes I have pulled up all but one of the garlic which is going to seed and replanted the radishes with new seeds. The strong winds we have had the last few days has brought down one stem of the wild Rose at the bottom of the garden. There is still another one and it will send up another stem at some time. Another Open Day has come and gone three more to go for this year. I am still a little weak from the flu, but at long last the anti-boitics are working. It is also time to collect the produce from the front garden. Here Cucumbers and beans are collected for the pot.

Pathway0710 Aloe0710 Garlic0710 Wildrose0710 Produce0710
In the front garden the Zucca is fruiting well against the wall. The Peppers on the roof is finally putting on the growth it should have done earlier. I look forward to plenty of peppers. In the greenhouse the grapes are getting large. Last year, at this time, they were nearly ripe. The ones outside are much smaller. The Begonia and other plants on the Ivy wall is looking great and I have managed to take cuttings of my special Verbena from last year.

Zucca0710 Peppers0710 Begonivy0710 Grapes0710 Verbena0710
I have bought a new plant this year it is the Dutchmans Pipe or Aristocholia. I have the smaller version in the front room, but it has not flowered so far. The Physalis Ox-Eye-Daisy has survived the harsh winter and is now flowering. The Glory Lilies and the Hoya is now in bloom. The Red and Yellow tropical Hibiscus is flowering well.

Aristocholia0710 Physalis0710 Glorylily0710 Hoya0710 Hibiscusyel0710
At the back garden the Holyhock is in full flower. I have had to give up in getting my Hydrangea to produce blue flowers as time did not allow me to give it much attention and the water here in London is very alkaline. A couple of the old roses have produced their best flowering for years. The Achillea ptarmica is looking wonderful in the pond. The Lantana that is usually in the front garden is at last in flower.

Hollyhock0710 Hydrangea0710 Roses0710 Achptarmica0710 Lantana0710
Well July is now upon us and I have been beavering away in getting the many things that I was unable to finish before my first open day. My second open day has come and gone and now looking forward to the third. The front garden is finally labeled and every one has said it is looking great and inspirational. The Hydroponics by the front door had a setback I switched the pump off and forgot to switch it back on for two days. Some of the plants perished. I have now reinstalled the Atomiser to provide humidity for the Nephantes and other high humidity plants. The Runner and French beans are doing great and are at last the archway is looking dressed. The Pomegranate flowers are looking wonderful at the front I do hope I get some pomegranates.

Frontgarden0710 Hydroponics0710 Atomiser0710 Runnerbeans0710 Pomegranate0710

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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