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Well the first Open Day went well, considering that there were Football, F1 Racing and Wimbledon to contend with. Almost every one said they enjoyed the visit which was very satisfying. Despite his grieving Kwame turned up to take his place on the gate as usual. It was very nice to see him. The front garden is looking great with all the Food, Fruits and Vegetables labeled and many bearing produce like the cauliflower, Cucumber, strawberries, beans and peas. We enjoyed some radishes from the front garden at out dinner at the end of the show. They were very good.

Openday0610 Frontgdn0610 Cauliflower0610 Rnnerbeans0610 Raddishes0610

In Memory of my friend Rosalie Barnard

who died on the 10th

My condolences goes to Kwame Ofori her partner for the past 26 years. How little things in your life have great effects. I introduced my friend Kwame to the Open University where he met Rosalis all those years ago. Kwame and Rosalie has been stalwart helpers at all My Open Days all these years and they will be sorely missed. Kwame(see the first picture of the second blog for August 09) has been instrumental in getting the monies from my visitors at the gate and selling all the plants. Rosalie has always done the teas inside. Without them I am sure I will not make so much monies for the NGS charities.
Rosalie extended family extends to eleven grand children who will always miss her. Rosalie and Kwame has always helped out in many of their community activities, like the Electorial Services and the OU students committee, which always goes unnoticed, but are vital to the smooth running of our society. She retired a few years ago from decades as a court clerk. Her quiet and reassuring ways has always been a stress releaver for me when I visited her or vice-versa. Like myself she has suffered from Diabetes and so we always had something in common to talk about. Unfortunately hers was type 1 and mine is type 2 which is much easier to control. Kwame and Rosalie had always enjoyed traveling and the photos below shows her on her visit to China. Now all her pain and suffering are over she can travel to her hearts content until we all meet again in the next world. May God bless and protect her as we celebrate a very good life that was full of her kindness and goodness.
Rosalie's Funeral
will be held on thursday 24th of June at 2:30pn at the London Crematorium. This will be followed by a reception at the Royal Forest Hotel Ranger Road Chingford. Her body will be returned to Kwame on Wednesday for the day and taken from there for the funeral on Thursday.

Rosalis1 Rosalis2 Rosalis3 Rosalis4 Rosalis5
Just when you think things cannot get worse it does. My gardening efforts pale into insignificance to my friends Kwame and Rosalie who usually help out on my open days. Rosalie was knocked down whilst crossing the road after the traffic had stopped and a car jerked forward. She was rushed to Whipps Cross Hospital and they delayed taking a scan which eventually showed that she had a brain injury and she is now in a coma. Kwame and Rosalie is unlikely to be helping out on my open days. I am sure all who read this will send Kwame Rosalie and family their best wishes. The Aeonium Cuneateum is now in full flower and is usually covered with bees. My Old type Roses are so scented compared to the modern varieties. The Cosmos is starting to flower. The forget-me-nots in my garden is still in flower. The Acer Palmatum is looking great over the pond.

Aeonium0610 Roses0610 Cosmos0610 Fgtment0610 Acer0610
Well it is now the 9th of June and I am still moving plants around the garden. This year has been so cold the most plants are about a month behind. My plan for the front garden is way behind as so many of the plants are only now starting to grow. It is not just plants used for flowering that has great flowers. Vegetables can also have wonderful flowers as this Sicillian Marrow shows. This is the male flower and i am waiting for the female flowers to start to open. The plants that are doing well are the old stalwarts like the geraniums, Cleome and Oxalis. Most of my tender plants are struggling with the weather. The Stritlizia is flowering in the garden and there is still another flowerhead to open. I hope it will be in flower on my open days. The Australian bottle Brush shrub is only now starting to open its flower. It usually flowers at the end of may to the beginning of June.

Sicmar0610 Geranium0610 Oxalis0610 Stritlitzia0610 Austbtlbrsh0610

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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