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Well time has flown by again and it is now the end of the month and I am still in a mess as regards the garden getting it ready for the Open Days. It has been so cold that many of the plants have refuse to put on the normal growth. I had a pleasant surprise when I looked at my Epiphyllum and found it was in flower. What a sight. I forgot to spray the undersides of the Hosta leaves and the slugs and snails had a field day munching through several leaves. The Chives and the thyme are in full flower. Although many plants are not growing well, due to the cold weather, the Cauliflower in the front garden is doing well. Must push on getting the garden ready so bye for now.

Epiphyllum0510 Hostas0510 Chives0510 Thyme0510 Cauli0510
Its now the 12th of may and I have been so busy getting the front garden in shape that I have had little time to do much and the back garden is taking a back seat at the moment. At long last the front garden is coming together and it is about three quarters planted even though it does not look like it as many of the food plants are small. Several of the food plants are covered in cloches of various materials. I have used offcuts of polycarbonate tied together and covered with a piece of glass. I have even used cling film to good effect. In the background the chimney pot containing the leeks are wrapped in cling film using some canes as support. The second chimney pot has celery and is also covered in clingfilm with a clear plastic pot and canes for support. It has been so cold these last two weeks that many plants have suffered. The Lettuce is growing slowly, but the redness of the leaves tells that it does not like the cold. In the pots in the front fence are two special squashes one yellow and one white. I do hope they cover the front fence as planned. The second pots have not yet been planted. The Potatoes are finally pushing through. I have been hardening off the tomatoes in the hanging bags. It has been too cold to put them out permanently. These are cherry tomatoes which will hang on the front of the house.

Frontgdn0510 Lettuce0510 Squash0510 Potatoes0510 Tomatoes0510
I thought that I might have lost the Circis this winter when it got waterlogged, but after re-potting it is now recovering and flowering. The Pleione is still in full bloom. This is one pretty hardy orchid. How about this for a tulip. The English Bluebells have finished flowering, but the Spanish Bluebells are in full bloom now. and the Strawberries are flowering. I do hope they will still be some on the plants when my Open day starts.

Circis0510 Pleione0510 Tulip0510 Bluebells0510 Strawbry0510
Well it is now May and things are at last starting to get a move on, but we are for the past week suffering from a cold spell which I hope will not last much longer. The Registry Office in Grove road just around the corner from myself had its NGS open day on Sunday and I paid a visit. They had a large range of cakes, teas and drinks for sale Under the marque. On entering the reception area where many people have gotten married, over the years, you are met by members of the NGS who were selling a wide range of plants, goddies like jams and gardening paraphernalia. One gate in the back of the garden brought to mind the Secret Garden. I must find out what is behind that gate. Although it was a bright day, it was cold and I am sure they did not get the amount of visitors they expected, but nevertheless they had a steady stream of visitors who seems to have enjoyed their visit.

Registry1 Registry2 Registry3 Registry4 Registry5

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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