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This page as updated on 28th April 2010

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Well it is now the end of the month and a lot has gone on in the garden. Both back and front gardens still look a mess as I cannot as yet put out many of the Veg plants as yet. and at the back I am still moving plants around. The Apple trees are flowering well and I should have my best crop this year if all goes right. In order to gain more space inside I have put the Strelitzia outside to continue flowering. As long as I do not get any frost I should be OK. Whilst I was digging up the front garden I had a small visitor. I have not seen him or her for a long time and it was nice to see it again. I was also pleased to see my Clematis Armandi flowering well after the harsh winter we have experienced. It is flowering very late, but still a welcomed sight. I have also put the Achema and the Aeonium cuneatum which is about to flower back on the Tree fern. I do hope I do not knock off the flowerhead this year and pray I do not get anymore frost.

Apple0410 Strelitzia0410 Robin0410 Armani0410 Aeonium0410
Its now the 19th April and the garden is still in a mess, but all sort of things are happening. Apart from potting on seedlings, many plants are starting to come in to leaf and flower. One thing I must do ASAP is to spray as I have noticed Mildew on one of my roses prone to suffer from this fungus. The first Dandilion I have seen in flower, the Hostas are poking through after being split into many plants. The Solomon Seal are looking like several green storks with their heads poking through the weeds and the other Periwinkle are flowering. I think the violets have stopped flowering.

Powderymldw0410 Hostas0410 Solmseal0410 Dandyln0410 Periwinkle0410
This time of the year is a wonderful time for the flowering cherries. And other plants. My next door neighbour has a wonderful display from their Magnolia tree. The streets are lined with the white and pink flowering Cherries. The Pleione hardy orchids are fully opened. Unfortunately The harsh winter has damaged my large Agave. I do hope it survives as I have nursed it for some years now.

Magnolia0410 Whitecherries0410 Pinkcherries0410 Pleione0410b Agave0410
Pruning and re-potting has been going on for some time now.There is still a lot that needs to be shred. The plum tree is now in flower and I do hope I get some plums this year. I have been busy with the pollination brush. I am taking a chance and started to put some of my tender plants outside. This year the Ensete is playing a major part in the front garden food, fruits and herb display as it is a food crop in some countries. Although the garden is in a mess at the moment some stalwarts are flowering their hearts out. Here the Helleborus or winter rose has just had its old leaves removed. The Cottonester still has its fruits on. I wonder if the birds will eventually get them.

Prunings0410 Plums0410 Ensette0410 Helleborus0410 Cottenester0410
Since the 28th of march this website has been down as the host had to transfer it to a new server. It has taken me until now to get it working properly. Hope you did not have too much difficulty getting here. Now I can concentrate on getting the garden in order. Outside the Nectarine, Peaches and Plums has at last started to flower. This will mean a lot of pollinating with my brush as there are very little insect activity. Also flowering are the Forsythia, Kerria, Bergenia and the orchid Pleone.

Nectarine0410 Forsythia0410 Kerria0410 Bergenia0410 Pleone0410
Well it is now 3rd April and the garden is still in a mess as I am still digging up various plants and reorganising the garden. Many seeds are already shooting up in a special area in the side conservatory. The Strilitzia has been in flower for a couple of weeks now. The Iochroma is still inside and flowering well. The Clivia has also been flowering for a couple of weeks. The seedlings of the Vegetables and Fruits that will form the front garden is coming up a little too fast and outside I have installed another bird box.

Birdofpara0410 Iochroma Clivia0410 Seedlings0410 Birdbox0410

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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