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This page as updated on 10th May 2007

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I now have to concentrate all my efforts into getting the garden ready for the show in July(see homepage). The mighty Blue Clematis gave a good show and now is loosing its petals, but the tuft will stay and get larger, which will make it look as it is still flowering. The Cup and Saucer climber is looking worse for wear after the raveges of winter. but it has come back for the past three years to cover the side of the house. The Poderama is shooting new leaves at the moment. Both these plants are not hardy and a heavy frost may kill it so over the winter I wrap it in sheeting. This year I used bubble wrap and it seems to have worked well. The main point with using bubble- wrap may be humidity, but this did not seem to cause any problems with these plants.

Mightyblue Mightyblue2
Now that I am about to upload the re-written website to the web, I now have more time to do the things I should have done in the winter; like the repairing of tools and re-potting plants earlier. I am now replanting many of the tender trees and shrubs I took inside for the winter. Many look worse for wear, but will recover in time for the show in July(see homepage). Flowering in the pond is primula polyneura and Marsh Marigold. The fishes are now feeding regularly and the pond filters have been cleaned. The Corydalys flexuosa on the front fence is also in full bloom. One sad point is that I did not dig up the Alocasia; I thaught I had planted it in the ground, but when I investigated I actually had it in a pot in the ground. Most of it had died back over the winter, but some shoots are comming from the base. I do hope they survive. I have now put it in the greenhouse one with some heat and one without. I will see which one survives. Next year I will bring it indoors. I was surprised how little roots there were for such a large plant. Only one or two roots grew through the pot bottom.

Primulared Marshmarigold Alocasia Corydalys Fishes
Some of the Hermanie Grassof Nastersum has survived the winter on the bay roof. a little worst for wear, but after a little pruning and new growth I am looking forward to an even greater display this year. I have some cuttings I overwintered just in case as these double Nastursum do not produce seeds. The Oklahoma Climbing Rose is also in full flower and will flower later in the year, unlike ramblers which only flowers once on mass every year. The trailing Abutilon, both red and yellow have been flowering for a month already. The Winter pansies and putunias which survived the winter is also giving a good display now I have added it to the automatic watering system.

Hermanieg Winpansy Trailabutilon Petuniaspink Oklarose

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Happy gardening

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