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I visited the RHS Orchid and Art show at their Horticultural Halls in Westminster. The Orchid show was very good, but I think the Art show was even better. There were many Orchids of many Genus and species on sale and on show. The Art show was held across the road in the older horticultural hall. It was spectacular with the artists at hand to inform on their work. Pitty I do not have room on my walls for more pictures or I would have bought several. There were so many gold, Silver gilt, silver and bronze medal winners the eye was spoilt for choice. So many of the art work was stunning beyond belief. I was so humbled to be in the presence of so many exceptional artists. Tomorrow Sunday is the last day of the show. So many people will miss a magical show.

Rhsorchid0310 Rhswdwk0310 Rhsorchids0310 Rhsdsplay0310 Rhsartwork0310
Seed Planting, Re-Potting, Re-Planting Re-Organising the back garden has been going on apace for the past couple of weeks. I decided to rid my indoor plants of the plague of scale insects and find out what has been leaving semi-circular cuts in the leaves and flowers of my Orchids and I found several vine weevils hiding in the compost of the orchids. I photographed the underside of the scales to show the eggs laid under the scales where the insecticides could not get to them. My Paphiopedilum is still looking great.

Vineweevil0310 Vinwvildamage0310 Scaleinsects40310 Repotting0310 Ppedilum0310
Inside both Rhipsalis or coral cacti is flowering. When they are in full bloom they look great. The winter Jasmine is still flowering. I might only get one Protea this year as the frost has taken its toll. The two Semperviviums outside on the tree trunk has survived well and should put on a good show later on in the year.

Rhipsalis0310 Winterjas0310 Protea0310 Sempervivium0310 Semperviviumb0310
Its now March and so much work to be done that I am Procrastinating. If I do not pull my socks up I will not meet my deadline at the end of June. At the moment I am potting on many of my special plants for sale at my open days. I have found a scale on my Wisteria and when examining my neighbours Wisteria I found that theirs were covered in these large scale insects. According to the RHS website it is a new scale insects that is invading the UK. The Hazel is flowering and I look forward to some nuts this year. The crocusses are still brightening up the garden at this bleak time and so is the winter Jasmine.

Wisteriascale0310 Catkins0310 Hazel0310 Crocus0310 Prunus0310

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