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This page as updated on 22nd February 2010

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The Front Garden is Gradually being ripped up and cleared in order to set it up for this years show, which will be food, Fruits and Herbs. The Judas tree was and the Wisteria proved most difficult to move to the back Garden. The Arch over the gate entrance has been rebuilt and the front of the house has had some painting done. You can see the Orchids flowering in the window. I have planted the first plantings which is the garlic that I have been growing at the back since December. If you ever want a sweet smelling flower that flowers in the depths of winter you will find it hard to beat the Wintersweet. These flowers were from my friend Dicon's garden. At last the Crocuses are now flowering.

Frontgardena0210 Frontgardenb0210 Frontgardenc0210 Wintersweet0210 Crocus0210
I also managed to have a look at the orchid displays Kew had in the Princess of Wales Conservatory and the Pond House. I was not too impressed as per previous years (Perhaps it is to do with the recession), but some displays of orchids were magnificent. The Vanda orchids were great and the displays in the large pond was magnificent. The great Pagoda tree was looking great even though it had no leaves. So was some of the older deciduous trees like this great old Plane tree near the Orangery.

Vanda0210 Orchidtower0210 Bromlaid0210 Pagoda0210 Planetree0210
I managed a trip to Kew Gardens and took one of the Orchid tours, which took me to parts of Kew that few of the public ever sees. I had a wonderful knowledgeable volunteer guide who demonstrated many aspects of orchid care. As for a visually spectacular orchid show it was not, but what was spectacular was seeing so many different orchid growing in various climates. As was explained Kew is a scientific and conservation organisation and so there were orchids grown for many different reasons. Despite this there were still plenty of orchids in flower many were displayed for out tour to demonstrate many of the different aspects of orchids. Some like the Lycaste were extremely scented with a whiff of cinnamon. Cork and washed ladies tights were a put to good use in rearing orchids. The mister, which kept the humidity high, was very noisy and came on every few minutes.

Orchiddemo0210 Orchidhouse0210 Lycaste0210 Orchidwall0210 Spraymist0210
It is now February and I still have not managed to get outside to start re-organising the garden. The garden looks sad and depressing at this time of the year as I am digging up plants and re-potting them. I am continuing to prune several vines and trees to shape the garden for next year. All the prunings are being shredded and placed in the compost bin. If it cannot fit I sprinkle it around plants to mulch them. Eventually the worms and other animals take all this organic matter down into the soil. Although it is now mid-winter plant life is carrying on getting ready for next year. Everywhere you look there is life. The Catkins of the Hazelnut tree looks great against the dark green of the Ivy. The Plumbago is sending up new shoots and the yucca is still producing new leaves.

Bkgarden0210 Repotting0210 Pruning0210 Plumbago0210 Hazel0210

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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