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This page as updated on 30th October 2009

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The month has come to an end and tomorrow is Halloween. The weather for the past ten days has been very mild for the time of the year and the garden has looked after itself. The Protea is swelling up some flower-buds for next year. The Acer Palmatum over the pond is changing its colour. The Tibuchina is in full flower albeit a bit late. The Fuchsias are still giving a great display and there still some flowers on the Angels Trumpets at the back.

Protea1009 Acer1009 Tibuchinab1009 Fuchsia1009 Angelstry1009
At the back Ivy wall is is looking good with the Begonia and Cupea and its own flowers. The Dahlias are still flowering. The Tomatoes are now finished and I must remove all the tomatoes and ripen them indoors. I seem to have a problem with my topiary as half of it has died. It is now Autumn and the leaves are changing colour before falling off for the winter.

Ivyplusbegcupea1009 Dahlia1009 Tomato1009 Topiary1009 Autumn1009
In the front garden the Ginger Lily is still producing a flower so is the dahlias and Lantanas which will be brought inside soon. The Snake flower (Ornithogallum) is still producing flowers and the Abutilon is covered with flowers. The White Nerine is also still in flower.

Gingerlilyb1009 Lantanadahlia1009 Ornithogallum1009 Abutilon1009 Nerineb1009
Well it is now only a month to the start of winter and I have started to bring in some of my plants as they are suffering from the cold. The first to be brought inside is the Solanum wendlandii which was difficult enough as the re-curved thorns kept catching on to everything including me. The Bird of paradise is now so heavy I struggled to get it inside. The Wisteria has had its final prune of the year and the prunings along with other cuttings are shredded ready for the compost. The front of the house is still looking good for the time of the year and some Petunias are still flowering well that they brighten up the scene.

Solanumwend1009 Birdofparadise1009 Shredder1009 Frontgardenb1009 Petunia1009
At the back the Ivy is in flower. This plant is so denigrated by most people that they overlook the huge benefit that it supplies to wildlife especially bees. Because it was planted late in the year I still have some Morning glory flowering. The Ivy leaf geraniums and Fuchsias are flowering well. The Feverfew which is often a pesty weed does give some wonderful flowers all through the year and finally the Ginger lily in the front garden is showing off a wonderful flowerhead.

Ivy1009 Mornglory1009 Ivygeranium1009 Feverfew1009 Gingerlily1009
The Solanum quitoense has flowered and has a fruit on I wonder if I will be able to bring it through the winter for it to flower properly next year. There are still some strawberries to be had from my planter and I got a surprise in the front garden suddenly I looked on the fence ans saw that the Nerines has flowered. The Yew at the back is covered in berries and the Iochroma is covered in flowers.

Naranjilla1009 Strawberry1009 Nerine1009 Yew1009 Iochroma1009
Well it is now October and the weather is still warm for this time of the year. There are still many delights in the garden at this time of the year and the garden still looks good though it is getting a little ragged with many plants dying off for the winter. The front and back garden is still looking reasonable and at the back the Phygelius is in full flower. The Tibuchina is in flower and is the latest it has flowered. The Arundo Donas Max has shot up and so has the Ensete.

Frontgarden1009 Phygelius1009 Tibuchina1009 Arundo1009 Ensete1009

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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