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The Rose hips on the wild rose is nearly ready for picking. Last year I left it too late and many were too soft to use. Getting the balance right is crucial for best production of Rose Hip syrup. Usually if you can wait for the first frost it is better, but as our autumn weather is warmer I have to judge when to pick them. The Nastursums are taking over in some parts of the garden where the summer bedding has past its best. At long last the Alocasia has taken off and is producing its latge leaves which resembles Elephant's ears its common name. The traditional Cleome is now in flower and is right next to the bush Cleome which is nearing its end. This Dahlia is looking good, but I taught it was a double.

Rosehips809 Nastursum809 Alocasia809 Cleome809 Dahlia809
I am just sitting at my computer and looking out the windows and seeing next door's Mock Acasia in the sunshine. It does look magnificent. The Ensete is also looking great. As a replacement for the banana it is doing a fine architectural statement in the garden. In the garden the flower seed pods of the bird of paradise looks like cranes head peeking over the fence. The Hollyhock has now reached its final height at about 12ft(3.6mtrs) and still flowering well. In the greenhouse the grapes are ready for picking. The ones outside were not sprayed in time and I have a much reduced crop.

Acasia809 Ensete809 Birdofpara809 Holyhock809 Grapes809
Finally the Open Days for this year has finished and I can do the accounts for this year. We made £ 715 for the NGS charity. I would like to thank all those who paid their entrance fee and bought plants, teas etc. for their support. The NGS charity supports several charities from Macmillan Nurses to Perennial( a gardening charity). Every year they make over £ 2 million pounds which is distributed among the charities. All the charities can be seen at The planning for next year had already started a few months ago when I bought a few fruit trees for the display in the front garden next year. The theme will be Food, Fruits and Herbs. This entails ripping out all the flowers from the front garden and replanting all. The only exception will be the roses as they have been in place for about thirty years. The next few pictures shows visitors to my Open Day on the 5th August. I was quite surprised that of the four pictures I took, on the day, all show the visitors rally enjoying the garden. The last picture shows the Yellow Brugmansia or Angels trumpet in full bloom. The scent from these flowers in the evening is magnificent.

Openday809a Openday809b Openday809c Openday809d Brugmansia809
I seem to struggle from one disaster to the next. Here I left the water hose watering the garden and then the rain came and I forget to to turn it off. This raised the local water table, as my garden has a gentle slope, and flooded the Jacuzzi equipment. More work I had to strip down all two motors dry them out and replace. More work and not an easy job with the Jacuzzi full. I was sitting in the garden and watching the birds feeding at the feeder. One kept watch whilst the other fed. The front of the house looks great in the summer sun, but the Wisteria needs a haircut. These flowers on the front fence are really eye catching and at the back I do love this Cestrum,

Jacuzzi809 Birdfeeder809 Frontgarden809 Frontfence809 Cestrum809

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