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This page as updated on 10th May 2007

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The Geranium maderense is going to flower until the end of May. The leaves have now all folded down to give support to the large flowerhead. I must collect seeds from this plant later in the year. Some of the Phalanopsis orchids(moth Orchid) are in flower. The Honesty is in flower and later in the summer I look forward to th seeds pods membranes. The Frementodendron has started flowering and will continue for some weeks to come.

Germad5 Phalanorchid Wygelbluebel Honesty Frementodendron
Flowering next door and a few doors down is a Choicia and a Wisteria floribunda the smell from both is great. My Cherry pie has only has a few flowers and cannot complete, but mine will last right through to the summer. Dutch irises are flowering from time to time. I expect to have a very large dragon arum flower this year as the plant is already three feet and growing.

Dragon Choicia Wisteria Wistnoflowers Dutchirisblue
Well finally I have finished rewriting my website and I can get back to my blog. during the past month the Cercis(Judas tree) was in full bloom. Also flowering is the Calla lilies(Zantedeschia aethiopica), both white and Green Godess types. The Aeonium type flower has now been put back on the Tree Fern, where it is now in full flower. I will place a better picture in the main pictures.

Cercis Minflagiris Aeonium Callawhite Callagrngod

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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