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At certain times of the day and throughout the day the birds are chirping away. The best times of the day are early in the morning and late evening. I was pleased to see the Wrens re-appear. They have nested in the Ivy on the False Acasia in the past. This time the male and female (I presume) were in the garden. The male was making all the chirping noises and the female was quietly examining the Ivy for nesting sites I think. Here the Wren was sitting on the rim of the pot on a stake high in the air. The Lily Beetle has made an appearance in the garden and was laying eggs on the underside of the leaves. When first laid the eggs are bright red, this picture was taken 24 hours later. Other small birds that visit and nest in the garden the garden are Blackbirds, Blue tits, and Robins. I have bought another Nastursum that I think is beautiful. I hope it will mix with the Thumbergia on the front fence, but most plants are growing so slowly as the temperature has been quite cold the past few weeks. This Nastursum is called Banana Split.

Wren509 Lilybeetle509 Lilybeatleggs Blackbirds Nastursum509
The Roxanne Gerainum is putting on a good display, pity I have to move it. The Bird of Paradise in the back garden is flowering and sending up more flower heads. The Foxgloves are looking wonderful and the bees are very busy about the flowers. The Potentilla Planted in the next door garden about 20 years ago is in full flower. The Arum itallicum is flowering before it dies down for the summer.

Gerainumrox509 Birdofparadise509 Digitallis509 Potentilla509 Arumital509
The Grevillea juniperous is nearly in full flower. The G.rhondo seems to have had a check and some flowers have not fully formed. Two different Oxalis are putting on a great display. The first flush of the Australian Bottle Brush is now opened and merging into the main flowering. At long last the Daniella has flowered.

Grevilleajun509 Oxalis509 Oxaliswhite509 Calistemon509 Dianella509
well at long last the garden is looking more like a garden than a bomb site. Most of the plantings hare finished, but there are still many more to go. I am very worried that the garden will not be ready for the show on the 28th June and beyond. I have been having trouble with bird feeders as they were close to the wild rose the pigeons were destroying the feeders rapidly. The last one only lasted a day. It was pecked to bits and was useless. I decided to fit a bamboo cane to the tree with cable ties and fit the feeder away from the wild rose tree. That way the only birds that can land on it are the smaller birds. So far it seems to have worked as I caught a starling feeding on its way to other places. Unfortunately the picture got corrupted. It took the birds a few days to start using the feeder in its new position, but it is now being used more regularly. The peace rose is bursting forth with wonderful roses. The last of the Aquileaga has its last flower for this year. The mother of thousands is in flower in a pot on the fence and the Antirrhinums is nearly finished flowering.

Birdfeeder509 Peace509 Aquilegia509 Motherofth509 Anthirrinium509
Columbia Market is not just for plants and flowers. There are many shops, entertaining buskers, art galleries, carvings and many families attend just for the atmosphere. It is a place that always cheer me up even on gray rainy days. I heartily recommend a visit even if you do now want any plants or flowers and spend a few hours window shopping.

Columbiamarket509k Columbiamarket509l Columbiamarket509m Columbiamarket509n Columbiamarket509o
There are stalls selling Bulbs, Pots, Artwork, Plants, Food, Pubs and much more. Most of the stall holders are characters of their own and are entertaining in their own right. The plants and flowers sold at the market are often very cheap compared to elsewhere. I often go towards the end at around 1:00pm. By this time the best buys are usually gone, but the stall holders usually sell the remaining stock at knock down prices and I come away with many bargains.

Columbiamarket509f Columbiamarket509g Columbiamarket509h Columbiamarket509i Columbiamarket509j
I use to go to Columbia Flower Market almost every week to buy plants for my garden. As I have most of the plants I require I go there less. It is a wonderful place to go even if you do not want to buy plants or flowers as there are many activities going on. Columbia Flower Market only occurs on a Sunday from 8:00am to 2:00pm. Here I have taken a few pictures of the stalls and activities that happen every Sunday throughout the year, Xmas and New year excepting.

Columbiamarket509a Columbiamarket509b Columbiamarket509c Columbiamarket509d Columbiamarket509e

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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