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This page as updated on 28th April 2009

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The Lily of the Valley is in flower and is trying to push itself into the dry area where I keep my succulents. My next door Choisia is scenting the front garden and looking great after its prune last year. The Dutch Iris and the marsh marigold are also in flower.

Lillyofthevalley409 Choisia409 Dutchiris409 Marshmarigold409 Tolmiea409
The Circis or Judas Tree in the front garden is in flower. The Hostas are just pushing through and the Arum Italicum will be dying down soon. The yellow and blue Corydalys are both in flower. The Blue Corydalys will die down in the summer, but the yellow will continue until frost. The Motherworth is flourishing in a difficult area of the garden. The flowers are not spectacular, but the plant is covering an area which gets a lot of rough treatment and it is difficult to get some plants to thrive.

Circis409 Hostaital409 Corydalysyellow409 Corydalysblue409 Motherworth409
The English and Spanish bluebells are in full flower in the garden. The Cleamtis montana is covering the fence at the bottom of the garden. The Holly and the Bay tree are also in flower.

Englishbluebells409 Spanishbluebells409 Montana409 Holly409 Bay409
The Open days are coming up fast and I visited Martyn Cox garden in Brunswick Road which is one block behind me. He is opening the same time as me on the 28th of June. Martyn has many unusual plants in his garden and has given mu a few unusual ones. His small garden both front and back is starting to fill out after the winter. His Clianthus is in full flower. I must get a new cutting as mine died a couple of years ago. The Apple tree is now in bloom, but I see little insects to pollinate it I hope it will fruit as well as usual. The Geranium robertianum which is a pernicious weed in my garden has been allowed to grow in this flowerbed as I am not ready to replant it as yet. The Solomon Seal or Jacob's ladder is in full flower.

Martyncox409 Clianthus409 Apple409 Geranium_robertianum409 Solomon_seal409
The hardy orchid Pleonie is now in full flower above the fish pond. The Periwinkle in a basket above the pond is also flowering well. The Grevillea, both Juniperina and rondo are starting to flower. These shrubs survived the harsh winter outside this year. The Helleborus is now in full bloom and I have just found out that I have not listed it in my plant index, more work, I thought I had listed all the plants growing in my garden. The woodland Phlox on the front wall has been producing a magnificent display for some years and is now not at its best so I have bought a replacement.

Pleone409 Periwinkle409 Grevillea409 Helleborus409 Phlox409
Finally I found some time to update this blog. It is now mid April and so much to do apart from the gardening. The garden is in a mess at the moment as I am repotting lots of plants as they are getting too big for their pots and also bringing out the more hardier plants. Here the Tree Fern and the Iochroma Cyanea are being redied for their place in the garden. Other more tender plants are still inside as we might still get frost right up to the end of may. Forgetfulness in not watering the trailing Rosemary has almost killed it. This Rosaemary flowers continually from July until June I do hope it recovers in time for my Open Day. The Daffodils, Kerria japonica and Clematis armandii are continuing to flower well.

Plantingout409 Rosemary409 Daffodills409 Kerria409 Armandii409

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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