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This page as updated on 16th March 2009

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The Ivy and the Buddleja Have now been pruned making more shreddings to go on the compost. The Crocuses are still flowering. I will have to leave the Ivy at the end of the garden as I have noticed a blackbird is taking nesting materials into the ivy near the fence. The power of roots iar shown here, where even though the plant is soft the roots have expanded until it has split the strong plastic pot. Just when you think all is going well I have had to replace the bay roof due to rot.

Ivybuddleja309 Crocus309 Blackbird309 Roots309 Roof309
Who can resist the beauty of the Amaryllis this one has two flowerhead I just wish that I could have them in the garden. The Hycinths are just starting to flower. So is the Clematis Armandii. The Forsythia is in full bloom and so is the Clivia.

Amaryllis309 Hycinths309 Clematis309 Forsythia309 Clivia309
The Daffodils are now starting to flower as most of the crocuses have finished flowering. Pruning the climbers on the fence is continuing. At the moment it looks a little messy, but by the end of June ( the start of my open days) it will all grow back. The next major pruning to be done is the Ivy on the back fence where the Forsythia is about to start flowering. As I want my Dahlias to start flowering earlier I have dug them up and will keep them inside the greenhouse until they have start to produce shoots. The Pheonix palm has generated so much roots last year that it pushed itself up out of its pot at least 15 cm.

Daffodills309 Pruning309 Ivy309 Dahlias309 Pheonix309
The Buxus has been flowering for the past three weeks. Actually this picture was taken two weeks ago. The scent was so pleasant that I put it in the front garden where the public can enjoy it as they pass. Inside several plants are waking up from their winter sleep. The Ladies Slipper orchid is still in its full glory. Some Phalanopsis orchids are in flower. The Coral plant is also in flower. In order to keep my Vanda orchid roots moist I have rigged up an automatic sprayer with an Airwick room scenter. So far it seems to be working well.

Buxus309 Ladies slipper309 Phalanopsis309 Coral_plant309 Mister309

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