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This page as updated on 28th February 2009

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The Clivia thick leaved and the thin leaved version are in flower. I am surprised that the thin leaved Clivia is in flower again as it flowered in December.I am amazed at the trailing Rosemary. It is in full flower despite the frost and snow. Both the Grevillea juniper and the G. rondo is about to flower. I had a piece of bubble-wrap over both during the frost and snow, but the cold does not seem to affect them. Everywhere green shoots of spring is appearing. Here day lilies are sprouting again

Cliviathickb209 Cliviathin209 Rosemary209 Grevillea _juniperina209 Day_lily209
The gardening year has well and truly started. I have been in the garden and pruned one quarter of the fences. Here I have pruned the Honeysuckle and Ivy, roses and Loganberry., The prunings have been put through the shredder and will go into the compost bin after I have emptied some of it. The very small Hazelnut flowers have come out. The Clematis armandii is about to flower and during the day the crocuses open their flowers.

Pruning 209 Shredder209 Hazelnut209 Clematis_amandi209 Crocus209
At Kew gardens apart from the Tropical Extravaganza that is on display until the 8th of March there is the Tree top walk, which has a lift for those that are disabled or too lazy to walk up the stairs. At this time of the year the views are unhindered from the leaves of the trees and many views that would normally be obscured are visible. A new Gallery The Shirley Sherwood, which is attached to the Marion North Gallery is holding three exhibitions which will change about every three months. The Marion North Gallery is being renovated until the Autumn this year. The Shirley Sherwood gallery lighting is subdued to protect the many exquisite Botanical drawings. In the princess of Wales conservatory there are fishes< Teripin, Reptiles and insects for the visitors to see. There are also other events going on at Kew which are listed under Garden related events on the homepage of this website.

Kew44 Kew47 Kew62 Kew65 Kew61
'Kew Gardens is holding its Tropical extravaganza and it is well worth visiting. The main displays are in the Pond house at the end of the Palm house and the Princess of Wales conservatory.The next five pictures show some of the displays that are exquisitely presented to cheer you up at this bleak time of the year. There are also many other activities going on at Kew.

Kew64 Kew54 Kew55 Kew58 Kew59
The garden is in a mess and the weather is bleak, but the Acasia is still in full flower despite the snow. The Acanthus is really taking off as it is not being predated on by Slugs and snails as it is so cold at the moment. The Cyclamen has finally started to flower again. The Hazel catkins are starting to open up ready for pollination when the small flowers appear. The Jacuzzi is almost overflowing due tot he rain we have had in the past weeks. I will have to empty it soon otherwise the frogs will start to inhabit it.

Acasia209 Acanthus209 Cyclamen209 Hazelcatkins209 Jacuzzi209
Well the hard winter I predicted last year. The earliest mention I can find in my blogs is in the October blog, but I am sure I mentioned it sometime in the summer. Never mind, it is now the worst winter we have had in decades. The following pictures show the snow covering thew Acasia and piled up on the plastic covering of my Sedums. My next door Magnolia looks interesting covered with snow. I should be thankful as it has not been too freezing and the snow is now melting away here in London.

Snowa209 Snowb209 Snowc209 Snowd209 Snowe209

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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