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This page as updated on 28th October 2008

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The protective umbrella over the Tree Fern has been erected as I expect the weather to be much colder than the last few years. The Banana has been brought inside it was just in time as the following night there was a slight frost. The Begonia southerlandii is producing its miniature like potatoes in its axils of the branched stems. These will provide new plants next year. The Cloche has been placed over the Agave. I will finish sealing it later in the year. The last of the apples have been picked and have been placed in a cool place where they will store for some weeks.

Treefernb1008 Begonia1008 Banana1008 Cloche1008 Apples1008
The Aeonium cuneatum did not flower this year as the large ones that were due to flower were savaged by slugs and snails. I hjave high hopes for these on the tree trunk next year.The Bulbine frutescens has flurished and is continuing to flower. It is forming a good clump and looks like chive leaves. I have taken the lemon tree inside and it has flowered out of season. The Cottoneaster in next door garden is waiting for the birds to come and pick off the berries in winter. I have had to dig up most of the Nastursums as I was running out of time to plant my daffodils, crocus, ornimental onions and other bulbs, but before I did so I took a photo as I think they look great for a weed.

Aeonium1008 Bulbine1008 Lemon1008 Cottonester1008 Nastursumc1008
The Agave has grown since I re-potted it I do hope its winter protection enclosure is large enough for it this year. The Trailing Rosemary is continuing to flower since it started a couple of month ago. The Abutilon Kentish Belle is doing well in the back garden. The Castor Oil plant is continuing to get larger. The Acanthus in the front garden has recovered from the snails predation and has a new flush of leaves.

Agave1008 Abutilon1008 Castoroilb1008 Trailrosemary1008 Acanthus1008
I got a surprise when I went into the conservatory as I found the narrow leaved Clivia in flower. The Echium growing in the trunk of the tree fern will flower next year. The Abutilon which I thought was on its last legs is producing a mass of flowers. The Calla Lily in the front garden which is in shade of the Wisteria has grown larger. I found out that the Shoo Fly plant is poisonous and should be treated with care.

Clivia1008 Echium1008 Abutilonb1008 Callalily1008 Shoofly1008
Its now the 18th of October and the winter is fast approaching. I will soon have to get out the protective wraps and start bringing inside the tender plants. I expect this winter to be very cold one and next year to be very hot time will see. I have just finished planting Daffodils and Crocuses for next year where the French Marigolds were. This is a little late, but they will catch up and flower in the spring. For now the Nerine on the front fence is now fully opened. The Fuschia fulgens and Lantana in the front garden is still flowering well. These are mixed with the blue Michaelmass Daisies. The verbena, Cherry Pie and Black Eye Susan are also doing well. On the wall of the house the Petunias are producing a splendid display. Some self seeded Nastursums are providing interest as they scramble up other plants.

Nerineb1008 Fulgens1008 Nastursumb1008 Verbena1008 Petuniasb1008
Its now the 5th of October and the front of the house is still looking great for the time of the year. one or two plants have finished flowering, but others are continuing to flower. The Castor Oil plant is continuing to grow taller and the Nastursums are trying to climb up its stems.The Black Eye Susan on the front fence is covered in flower. Mixed in with the Thunbergias is one special fuchsia. the Thunbergias are climbing over a rose tree and the stems of the Golden Rods. I will prune the seed heads of the Golden Rods as it is not needed and is only taking goodness from the plant. At the back my neighbours Mock Acacia tree is looking magnificent. The Bourgainvillea is covered in its purple flowers. I expect this winter to be very harsh and I will soon have to start covering my tender plants with bubble wrap to protect them from the frost which I expect to be early this year. Next year I expect the spring and summer to be very hot and there to be a water shortage. I will be making my water saving methods to be expanded for next year.

Frontgarden1008 Castoroil1008 Frontfence1008 Mockacasia1008 Bourgainvillea1008
The Nerines are finally flowering a little late. Usually they flower in September. Several of the fuchsias are still flowering. Colchicum waterlily are also still in flower. This one is more shades than the ones that flowered in September. The Dahlias at the back will flower until the frost kills off the foliage. The Bonsai pine is showing signs of autumn as some of the leaves are turning yellow.

Nerine1008 Colchicum1008 Dahlia1008 Fuchsia1008 Bonsia1008
The Lantana in the front garden is providing a mass display of their brilliant red/orange flowers. The cold snap that has hit us this last week seems to have spurred it on to produce this quantity of flowers. The Lobelia is still flowering its heart out. The Nastursums have taken over the Ivy on the fence at the back. The Petunias in the basket is still flowering well, but the one at the top of the wall near the gutter has caught some mildew and is looking a little sad. The Acasia buds are plumping up in readiness to flower in Feburary.

Lantana1008 Lobelia1008 Nastursum1008 Petunias1008 Acacia1008

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Happy gardening

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