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This page as updated on 22nd September 2008

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I got a surprise when I went into the conservatory and saw what I thought was a mango hanging from a vine. It turned out to be the seed pod of the Stephanotis climber. I have now picked all the rose hips and will be making some rose hip concentrate later. At the same time I have pruned this wild rose ready for next year. I have just read an article on rose hips and arthritis in the Metro newspaper. I wonder if my concentrate will do the trick. The Grewia is still producing flowers. Although small at the moment I have high hopes for next year. The Bumble bees are still visiting the garden and I spotted this Queen warming itself in the afternoon sun. At the back the Dahlias, blue Salvias Nastursums and other plants are still producing a good display.

Stephanotis908 Rosehip908 Grewia908 Bumblebee908 Dahlias908
After returning from holiday it was very pleasing to see the Autumn crocus is in full flower on the front fence. The front garden is still looking great. The Bougainvillea is in full bloom. The Cosmos on the bay roof really looks good. In the back garden the Achimines planted in the large pot with the banana is finally flowering.

Colchicum908 Frontgarden908 Bourgainvilla908 Cosmos908 Achimines908
It is now the 4th of September and yesterday I got one of those surprises as I went into the garden. My Bomarea was was in flower right under my nose. The Yew tree is covered in fruit and the Angels Fishing Rods are covered in seed pods. Now the 15th September and after returning from holiday the Ginger lily is finally flowering. The Castor Oil plant has reached about 9 feet(2.8mtrs)

Bomarea908 Yew908 Angelsfishingrod908 Gingerlily908 Castoroil908

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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