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This page as updated on 30th August 2008

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It is now the 30th of August and I am in the jacuzzi at around 9pm. I am smelling the wonderful scent of the Angels trumpet and looking up at the tree fern from the pool. The other picture is the end of the garden. These pictures were taken using flash photography. The front garden is still getting better and the Calla lily that grew as a weed in deep shade is doing well.

Angelstrumpetb808 Treefern808 Backgarden808 Frontgarden808 Zanthedescia808
I am always surprised and excited when I find plants that I do not expect. This is the case with this Verbena that I planted months ago and was covered by other plant growth. I have been very productive with Chilli peppers, but not so with the Sweet peppers. For those who do not like spiders they are a very benificial insect to have in the garden. The petunias in the hanging basket is still flowering its heart out and the Fuschia fulgens is providing great interest in the front garden.

Verbena808 Peppers808 Spider808 Petunias808 Ffulgens808
Well it is now the 25th of August and I have been busy trying to get the new addition to this website going. It is the Pest and deseases pages. I added it to the menu a couple of weeks ago and I have at last got it in a format that I like. I now have to add the data and pictures. That will take time so in the mean time please excuse the pictures and text. The Phlox which has been in flower since early July is still giving a good display of flowers. What about this Hollyhock it is now over ten feet(3mtrs) tall. The Nastursums are taking over the pathway at the back.

Phlox808 Hollyhock808 Nastursum808 Strawberries708 Oangerose808
The Aeonium on the bay roof that has been growing there in a pot for some years has gotten so tall that the strong winds we experience last week blew it over. The Castor Oil plant has gotten larger and taller still. It is now about 8 feet(2.45mtrs) tall. It is also in flower. I must watch for the seeds which are poisonous. The Ginger Lily at the back has produced some flower buds and will flower soon. The Begonias at the back are still in full flower and still looking good.

Aeoniumb808 Begonias808 Castoroil808 Castoroilb808 Ginger808
Well it is now the 8th of August and several of my plants that were not in flower on my garden open day has finally started to flower. The Bougainvilla only had a few flowers on on my open day, but now is in full flower and will be so for some weeks to come. The baskets and bags on the front of the house apart from looking fantastic also takes some of the sun's heat away from the house, which keeps it cooler during the summer. What summer we have had so far. Every thing is about a month late so far this year. I just love this pink petunia it will continue getting more and more flower until the weather changes. The poderama has also burst into flowr and adds to the decoration on the front wall of the house. Finally I must not forget the shredder which plays a great part in keeping the soil fertile. All this goes in the compost and in about three months I get enough compost to mulch most plants. Keeping organic matter in the soil also lessen the damage from slugs and snails to my preferred plants as they eat this instead of my precious plants.

Bougainvilla808 Frontwallbaskets808 Petunia808 Poderama808 Shredder808
This year I am growing the Pentas in a pot and it is not doing very well here on the tree trunk in the front garden. The first Gladiola to start flowering anbsd what a beautiful colour. The angels Fishing Rods are producing many flowering racemes and look magnificient on the fence. For a plant that likes deep rooting it is doing great. The Hardy Hibiscus is now in flower and will be so for a few weeks. I think the colour of the flower depends on the soil, because the flower colour has changed since I applied ericacious fertilizer. This is the third flowering of this Angels Trumpet this year. In the evenings the garden is so-oo-o scented.

Pentas808 Gladiola808 Angelsfish808 Hardyhibiscus808 Angelstrumpet808
The Castor Oil plant is about to flower. It has now reached about six feet high and the leaves are at least 1 foot (30cm) across. Cosmos has such delicate flowers and stems that belie their robustness. Here I am growing them on the bay roof to give me some hight. The Hoya at long last has started to flower. Soon the whole house will be scented with perfume. Two of my special Fuchsias are at last flowering in the front garden. One is F. fulgens, but I do not know the specie of the second.

Castoroil808 Cosmos808 Hoya808 Fuschiab808 Fushia808
This Lantana is now about six years old, every year I take it inside where it almost immediately sheds most of its leaves. I then bring it back outside when the weather warms up and it starts growing new leaves. The lipstic plant is producing many elongated seed pods which hangs down. In this respect it reminds me of the Indian Bean Tree. This Lobelia is so striking against the green leaves. MY bronze leaved one was eaten down to the roots by slugs and snails.The Nicranda (Shoo Fly) has taken off and is now about five feet high. This Oklahoma climbing rose does not seem to want to grow any higher, My intention was to have it grow up to the roof. For a climbing rose this might be asking too much especially as it is in a pot.

Lantana808 Lipstic808 Lobelia808 Nicranda808 Oklahoma808
The Physallis has produced many fruit, but I am a little sad as it seems to be wilting probably due to root rot. I must check it tomorrow. The Yew is also fruiting the red berries are sweet, but you must not eat the seeds as they are poisonous. The Dragon Arum is also fruiting with many seeds. This year I plan to start planting them as soon as they are ripe as last year I dried the seeds and the first lot I planted did not germinated and only a few of the second plantings actually came up. I think that being a water loving plant it needs to have its seeds planted as soon a sthey are ripe. I just love this Japanese Anemone it fights its way through ground cover and eventually sends its flower up to six feet(200cm) in the air. The birds nest fern is doing much better than last year. I took it inside this last winter as the previous year it struggled when left outside in the winter.

Physalis808 Yew808 Dragonarum808 Anemoneb808 Birdsnestfern808

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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