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This page as updated on 19th April 2007

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Well folks I must apologise for not writing and updating this blog earlier, but after months of critisism by my son that my website needs re-writing as its code is in a mess and that it could be improved, I had a bet with him and I lost. He said it would take only about 15 minutes to have a new one up and running. I said no chance and said if he did it in that time I would re-write it. Well it actually took him about 20 minutes using Ruby on rails and Linux. So I gave in and started to do it.
It was not that easy though as I had to install linux and other things on the computer. Today this is my first time I am using windows after about a week. I had to learn a new language and all the neuances and quirks of the various packages on the computer. I am still learning.
The plants and other things that I needed to do was left behind. I must now catch up. This page is still not finished and so I have had to use week's 1 to continue. But after seeing the power of the new language I have started to add a lot more functions to the web site. I have been hampered by no critisisms about my website only praise. Come on you lot lets have some comments about things you would like to see or improve. The new website has most of the pages finished in a rough draft only the search and adding this blog to it needs to be done.
Well back to the garden. A few of the plants I put outside got singed by the cold, but is now recovering. I have repotted some and planted some of the seeds I need for this years show. Below are a few more plants that are in flower. The Dandilions are in flower at the moment and the seeds provide beauty in themself. Some people devoid their gardens of weeds as these Dandilions are, but I say a garden without weeds is not good. They provide a valuable resource as they stop nutrients from washing out of the soil and provide compost materials. They also prove your soil is rich enough to grow plants. So tolerate some weeds. The Pleone bulbicoides and the Geranium maderensense is now in full flower also the Osterspernum in the basket is providing a good show.

Dandilionf407 Dandilions407 Pleione407 Germader407 Osterspernum407

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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