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This page as updated on 30th July 2008

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Well both Open Days have come and gone and I can get back to doing things that I should have done. From now on until the winter The garden needs very little looking after apart from watering and feeding the fishes. I can also get a chance to use the jacuzzi more often. The Open Days were not so well attended and we did not break last years takings, but those that came spent well on plants. Every one that came said that they enjoyed their visit. Several came after seeing us in the NGS yellow book. There were a few that came for the first time. A few enjoyed the use of the Jacuzzi and the Hammock. The pictures below shows some enjoying the garden. I do enjoy it when guests feel relaxed enough to try the jacuzzi and the garden features. Some kids did not want to get out of the jacuzzi to go home.

Openday6 Openday7 Openday8 Openday9 Openday10
Below are some of the guests enjoying the art show. Franc was giving a display of carving as well as selling some of his photos. Some of the proceeds of his sales are going to the NGS. Some of my photos of plants that were not in flower on the day. My Stalwart Friend Kwame was on his own and had to leave early as his wife was ill on the first day and in hospital on the second day. Despite this he came and did his bit at the entrance collecting fees and selling plants. Some plants flowering on show days.

Openday1 Openday2 Openday3 Openday4 Openday5
Franc David's Photographic Exhibition is the best I have seen from him to date. These are just five of the pictures which I think are excellent in his exhibition. The pictures shown here does not do justice to the pictures in his exhibition' like the capturing of the mist with the swan. The weather at the air show showing the grey-blue skies. The lighthouse behind the hay field. The black and white buildings in London. Franc has a blog at where you can see a few more of his pictures. Why not pay him a visit and leave a comment.

Franca708 Francb708 Francc708 Francd708 France708
The Protea is just breaking into full flower and by next weekend it should be in fully opened. The Glory lilies are flowering well in the conservatory. The Solanum wendlandii at present is producing so many flowers it is making up for the Cup and Saucer that it usually accompanies. The St Johns Creeper in the background has not as yet started to flower. The lipstic plant is producing many flowers at the tip of each growth. The Portulacas on the fence in the front is also putting on a splendid floral display, like miniature roses.

Protea708 Glorylily708 Portlulaca708 Lipstick708 Solanumwend708
The Petunias and Busy Lizzies which were put in place to compensate for the loss of the Cup and Saucer plant has done me proud and looks great. The first day of the open Day has gone and the next is this weekend. I do hope that many more attend this week as the attendance was poor and it looks like I will not break my target for the amount of money raised. The Agave has grown since I have repotted and moved it. The marigolds here in full flower and putting on an excellent show. The Bonsai I think will need root pruning as it has never been done since it was bought about 11 Years ago. The Angels Fishing Rod is sending up several flower racemes and for a plant that prefers deep rooting and is in a pot it is doing excellently.

Front708 Bonsia708 Angels708 Agave708 Marigold708
Someone finds my garden a pleasant place to shade from the sun which has at last started to appear this year. It is snoozing in the pot for the Japanese Maple. It look so comfortable here I did not want to disturb it. The Phlox is in full flower at the moment. The white one I had to accompany it had died over the winter. The Arundo donas Max has started to produce new growth and looks good against the Dahlias and Phlox. The Lobelia and Black Eye Susan goes well together. This is in a bag on the front post as you enter the gate. The petunias in the basket has done me proud it is now two months since I planted it out and it looks magnificent.

Cat708 Petunias708 Lobelia708 Arundo708 Phlox708

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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