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This page as updated on 28th March 2008

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I have at last started to repot some of my tub plants. This Yucca is one of the first toreceive attention. The Phlox on the front wall is about ot burst into colour.

Yucca308 Phlox308
The Prunus autumnalisin my next doors gardenis still in flower. It has been in flower since the begining of December. (SeeDec. Blog). At this time of the year many plants are just waiting to burst into full bloom the blue Corydalis flexuosa after its summer dormancy has been growing steadily since the autumn and is now about to flower, The Pleone has many flowr buds that are about to break, The Oxalis and Felicia also has some flowers on and the Bleeding heart has been in flower for a while now.

Prunus308 Corydalis308 Felicia308 Bledheart308 Pleone308
I have at last started to tidy the garden and start to get redy for this years show in July. You can check the dates on the homepage and go to the link (My Open Days). The Clematis armandii is in flower, The smell from the Hycinths and C. armandii is great especially near the end of the day. The Wall flowers that I planted in november last year is now in bloom as are some early tulips. The Periwinkle in the basket at the back is also in bloom. And the Bacopa in the front gargen is still blooming from the summer.

Armandii308 Hycinth308 Wallflowers308 Periwinkle308 Bacopa308
Well! The garden is in a mess from the winter and I have not done much work since December. I have been taking out and bringing inside the Tree Ferns when frost threatens. We have just had the little snow and hailstorm that we usually get in the first two weeks of April. At the moment it is cold C around 6 degree and wet and I do not feel like venturing out to do much work in the garden. I must start to repot my many plants that I have brought inside and split the Cannas or they will be too big for the pots and the front garden. I must also reduce the Honeysuckle Clematis and other climbers otherwise they will get too large and try to take over the garden. All pruning will have to be done by the end of the month otherwise the sap from the trees and plants will have started to rise as the weather warms up and pruning after this time will weaken or kill the trees or plants. The Value of Orchids is demonsttrated by the orchid below as it have been in flower since January. Another plant that has flowered is my small Clerodendrum thomsonii which nearly died. I have placed the Tree Fern Umbrella covering over the Nectarine as it is said that the Peach leaf curl that it gets every year is brought in by the rain. I will report back on this later in the year. This reminds me that I must pollinate the Peach tree in the front garden. The Clivia is now in full flower. The Cymbidium is also in flower.

Orchidnyjack308 Nectarine308 Clivia308 Clerothompson308 Cymbidium308
The RHS London Orchid Show Lawrence Hall Victoria 14th to the 16th of March. There were many other wonderful orchid displays, Lectures, Books, Prints, orchid inspired Jewelery, Ornaments, tools and Statues for sale at the show. I visited on Sunday towards the end of the day and it was still reasonably crowded. Aparently on Saturday it was very well attended and a great success. I have tried to show different orchids in each picture below rarher than different natural displays, wonderful as they were. There were some other varieties of orchid, but I had camera shake and the picture was not good enough to show. I left buying a Vanda and a Cattelya Orchid Cheap at the 15 to 20 pounds price knowing some were years old. If I had room at home I would have bought many more. They were so magnificient amd knowing the care that some had lavished on them made them even more wonderful.

Orchidk308 Orchidl308 Orchidm308 Orchidn308 Orchido308
The RHS London Orchid Show Lawrence Hall Victoria 14th to the 16th of March

Orchidf308 Orchidg308 Orchidh308 Orchidi308 Orchidj308
The RHS London Orchid Show Lawrence Hall Victoria 14th to the 16th of March

Orchida308 Orchidb308 Orchidc308 Orchidd308 Orchide308
The London Flower show on the 11th and 12th was held in the Laurence hall. The next show is the Orchid show on the 14th, 15th and 16th I must make time for this show. The Lectures were held in the balcony of the great hall. Semperviviums have many uses as demonstrated on this stall. Grasses wereon shoe along with ornimental vases and plates.

Lawrencehall Rhslecture308 Semperviviums308 Grasses308 Vasesandplates308
The Polyanthus displays was delightful, as was the lilies and tulips displays.On sale were prints of drawingss, books and garden ornaments and statues.

Ployanthus308 Lillies308 Tulips308 Drawings308 Ornaments308
I did not notice the Dragon arum comming up and it started to grow through the holes in a plastic pot with another arum in . I had to cut the pot apart to free it. The Rosemary is still flowering from last year. The Hycinths and daffodills are now out and giving a good show. The winds on the 14th has done some damage by blowing over some plants and snapped my abutilon in half.

Dragon308 Rosemary308 Hycintdaffs308 Windam308 Windamb
The Crocusses are now in full flower and are about to be overtaken by the daffodils. The Heleborus is also in full flower. Heleborusses really adds colour to a time of the year when little is flowering. The Forsythia is giving colour to the bottom of the garden where it is trained up the wall to hide the wall. It needs pruning several times a year if it is to be kept in check and it must not be pruned too late as it flowers on the previous years growth. The Kerria japonica is in flower at this time. These Narcissi is also giving a good show.

Crocusses308 Heleborus308 Forsythia308 Kerria308 Narcissi308

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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