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This page as updated on 13th December 2007

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I am writing this blog very late as I have been ill and been so low that I could not face doing what was needed to be done. During November one of my Dendrobium Orchid started to flower. This seems early for orchids which usually start to flower in February or March. The Acacia is covered in flower buds which is expected to flower in February. The Osterspernum is still flowering and the one in the basket after pruning is going to give a massive display Early next year. The Fuschia fulgens is still a mass of flowers even though we have had a few nights of slight frost. Finally the compost bin has produced another batch of compost for the garden this is about the fourth time this year I have emptied the bottom half of the bin. This is one of the most important part of the garden even though it is hidden from view most of the time. It is the engine that drives most of the plants in my garden. Over the years it has built up the soil in the garden which is now very rich in organic matter. This enables me to use much less artificial fertilizer throughout the year.

Dendrobium1107 Acasia1107 Osterspernum1107 Fuschiafulgens1107 Compost1107
The Cobea scandens is still flowering up against the wall. I must soon start taking inside the Birds of Paridise, Banana. Well the first real frost has finally caught up on me on November the 15th. I had to hurriedly take inside several plants. I was not planning to do that for another two weeks at least. I managed to cover several plants with bubble-wrap which protected them from the 1 to 2 degrees of frost that has knocked back the Nastursums and several other soft herbaceous plants. This Sunday I will have to make the wrappings more secure as I have just thrown the bubble-wrap over some plants. If the wind picks up I will lose several pieces of bubble-wrap. I have been under the influence of the flu for the past week and has still not fully recovered and at last I am getting around to tidying up the garden and doing a more secure job of covering some of the tender plants that I am leaving outside. It is surprising how the act of gardening has cheered me up from a very gloomy place.

Cobea1107 Bourgainvilla1107 Plantsinside1107 Backgarden1107 Shed1107
Well it is now November and the most tender plants are coming inside one at a time with the hardiest being taken inside much later probably sometime in in December. In the conservatory the Mandevilla is still flowering. There is still one or two flowers on the Stepanotis. The front garden still looks good for the time of the year. I am still buying some more daffodils and spring bulbs and hope to plant them this weekend. The Vase plant (now inside) is continuing to unfold its flowers. One of the flowers is shown below. I am always surprised as to the hardiness of some plants. This maidenhair fern was outside until the 12th of this month and it was still looking reasonable. On the roof of the front door some plants are still looking good. Tomorrow I will bring inside the Solanum Wendlandii as it is getting too cold for it outside.

Mendevilla1107 Frontgarden1107 Achmea1107 Maidenhair1107 Frontdoorroof1107

That's all for this week folks
Happy gardening

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