This is Me

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Who am I

I was born in Belize and have lived in London for over 50 years. Over the years I have had many hobbies and interests. At the moment I spend most of my spare time tending my garden which I open to the public for the National Garden Scheme Charity. Why not visit my garden website and leave me a comment.
Other interest I have are computing, electronics, flying(I use to go hang-gliding and sailplaining and parachuting) I still fancy getting my private flying licence. I am a avid DIY and am always repairing or welding various things. I find welding verey therapeutic as the moulding of metals into useful items. I tend to do most of the maintenance on my car.
At the moment I am rekindling my interest in photoraphy, both film and digital. I have now taken up Scuba Diving and hope to visit Sharlem-el-Sheik in Egypt soon, wherer I wil be doing some diving in the red sea. I am now retired and finding I do not have time to do what I want to do.
I have two kids of my own a boy and a girl and three step kids two girls and a boy, all of whom have finished university and living their own lives. My sons are somewhat wiz kids with computing and the web and helps me a lot with the development of my websites. I enjoy travelling and have many places yet to visit. A lot of my travels have been in Belize where I still have relatives.
In doing this website I am learning a lot more about the web and the various uses it can be put. The subject of websites is so massive for my use I am only scratching the surface.

Me at Weding
Me in Cancun
Me in my Jacuzzi