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Picture 1 : 

This is the London Millennium Footbridge, which is a steel suspension bridge for pedestrians crossing the River Thames in London, England. It is one of many year 2000 mellennium projects carried out throughout the country and was opened on the 10 June 2000. It links Bankside with the City and is located between Southwark Bridge (downstream) and Blackfriars Railway Bridge (upstream).
The bridge was nicknamed the Wobbly Bridge after participants in a charity walk on behalf of Save the Children to open the bridge felt an unexpected, and, for some, uncomfortable, swaying motion on the first two days after the bridge opened. The bridge was closed later that day for almost two years while modifications were made to eliminate the wobble entirely. It was reopened in 2002.
The southern end of the bridge is near Globe Theatre, the Bankside Gallery and Tate Modern, the north end is next to the City of London School south of St Paul's Cathedral. The bridge alignment is such that a clear view of St Paul's is presented from across the river, framed by the bridge supports.

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