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Picture 1 : 

This is the Palm House which is iconic of Kew in a way that few other buildings are. Designed by Decimus Burton, built by Richard Turner it was completed in 1848. It was made from wrought iron and glass in the form of an upturned ship’s hull and is the most graceful greenhouse in the world and it's the first thing you see when you pay your money and walk into the main entrance. The public face of Kew's tropical collection is housed here - palm trees, tropical flowers, and nice wide aisles. At one end, where you can find the Encephalartos altensteinii, a cycad which is the oldest pot plant in the world and has been At Kew since 1773.The Palm House have convenient 2nd story walkways, like the Temperate House, which allow a visitor to view the canopy from above. Most of the plantings are in raised beds rather than pots. The palm house has a marine collection down in the basement where the heating apparatus used to be. This view has a sculpture by Dali which I think is temporary.

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