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Todays date 06 January 2014

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This Web Space is an area where I can update my friends and they can keep in contact. It will display some of my work from my many hobbies and interest.

I think I have fixed all problems with other web browsers like Internet Explorer and hand held computers or PDAs. If anyone is experiencing any problems please let me know. My websites were developed in Mozilla Firefox and special programming is required to enable websites to work with all browsers. I now use Chrome as my main web Browser as I think it is much better than the others.

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This is the latest News today 06th January 2014

Time has flown again since last July when I last updated this website. As is more usual I have been using my Facebook page more than this website. A lot has happened during this time. Gwens wedding went off exceptionally well and the pictures are in my personal page on the home page of this website. The pictures of Italy and Florence where the wedding took place are under Italy. I must say that her choice of venue and service was exceptional for the monies paid. Everything went off like clockwork, except for two very minor moans. Ben and Serife has also announced their wedding on 20th July 2014 so more wedding stuff to go. Jason and Nicola's is next year.
I am opening my garden for The National Garden Scheme again this year, as I do not have to travel abroad for the wedding. This year's theme is Food, Fruits and Herbs in the front garden. I must now start preparing the garden from now or it will not be ready for next year. The open Sundays will be from the 20th July to 10th August, see gardening homepage website.
In October I had a holiday in Thialand and the pictures are now posted under Thialand and Diving. I can recommend Ao Nang in Krabi, Thialand for a wonderful Holiday. I do not recommend staying too long in Bangkok as it is as large as London with hundreds of high rise buildings and Traffic and pollution off the scale. Despite that there are many wonderful places to visit in Bangkok see pictures.
I also managed to get in some Sailing racing in the round the island race in the Isle of Wight and some more in October pictures later.
In November I went to Tenerife for some Scuba diving and I hope to have the pictures posted after I update this blog.
My heart worries are over and I have now got back my diving medical. I have been learning to roll a kayak in the pool at two places, so I will not worry too much if I go over when on the Thames or elsewhere.
The bureaucracy of the NHS knows no bounds I have been trying to get a hernia operated on since May this year. After several complaints and inquiries where no one has replied to me. I received an appointment only to be told I need an operation and have received a pre-assessment only to receive another appointment for another pre-assessment. I have now got my doctor to refer me to another hospital instead of Whipps Cross. My poor brother has been suffering from undetected cancer for 5 months, because the results of tests were not passed on to the doctor. He is now in stage 2 Myleoma' How sick is the NHS in this area.
The present Labour Council is still forcing, in a despicable way, the whole of Waltham Forest to have Car Parking Zones (CPZ) and reducing wherever possible parking on roads in the area. It is just a money making exercise against car owners. It seems like the Labour party which was born in injustice is now dishing out injustice and there is nothing anyone can do about it as the law is designed to be on their side. Also no one is prepared to stand up to them. As they see it as a minor thing in a whole lot of other more pressing things to fight against. What they forget is that when the whole area is under CPZ the price will rocket as it has under almost all Labour boroughs. Islington at one time was free and now for a small car it is around £125. The family unit is also dispersed as family members with cars cannot come and go as it use to. In the long term this will bad for the area. Local businesses will also suffer as more and more customers go to large supermarkets like Tesco or Sainsbury, Morrisons, Lidl, Aldi etc. Also gardens are being dug up to park cars. Still you cannot tell these new breed of career politicians and if the public will not stand up to them there is nothing else to do, but suffer it. These politicians will eventually learn the hard way.
All for now bye.

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