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Todays date 02 October 2015

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This Web Space is an area where I can update my friends and they can keep in contact. It will display some of my work from my many hobbies and interest.

I think I have fixed all problems with other web browsers like Internet Explorer and hand held computers or PDAs. If anyone is experiencing any problems please let me know. My websites were developed in Mozilla Firefox and special programming is required to enable websites to work with all browsers. I now use Chrome as my main web Browser as I think it is much better than the others.

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This is the latest News today 02nd October 2015

Time has flown again since last updated this website in January 2014. As is more usual I have been using my Facebook page (don.mapp.3) more than this website. So much has happened. My son Benjamin got married. My step daughter has had a boy. Been back to Egypt diving. My stepson was due top get married this July. The reason I was not opening my garden to the public this year. Unfortunately they split up a few months before the wedding. Still we went to Belize for the holiday anyway especially as it was their granma's Abda 71st birthday. Still kayaking when I can. In October 2014 me and a friend bought a sailing boat and spent months during the winter doing it up. Must put the pics on this website. Still some bits and pieces to do, but we have been sailing a lot over the summer. At out club we have a lift in in April and a lift out in October. So in a couple of weeks we will be lifting it out for the winter when we will do some major modification to the motor. The garden is being kept up and the front garden is food, fruits and herbs again. It still looks good for the time of the year. Still picking fruits like cape gooseberries, runner beans, apples and pears. The cherries was great this year.
Got an apology for the treatment I received from the NHS after a couple of years fighting.
The local Labour Council is at it again bringing in a scheme called Mini Holland. They have divided our village and closed about 23 roads and deleted many parking places. A 500 yards journey can now take me 10 minutes. The chaos they have caused is enormous. So is the pollution. This is on top of the controlled Parking Zones introduced last year. Everyone is up in arms and we (the Villagers) booed them out of our village when they came to open the first stage of the scheme. The Dutch ambassador was there as they were the instigator of the scheme. The Council has divided and ruled the area into small areas and if anyone is against the scheme they are ignored or refused to speak to them. Councillor Clyde Loakes (the person in charge) went to Leytonstone area and lied to them saying that Walthamstow liked the scheme. They are Gentryfying the area and ignoring the people and businesses who built up the area. Finally the businesses are now also taking up arms. Disabled cannot get taxis to visit them and are forced to walk up to 500 yards to get one. Many more demonstrations are planned and we are taking them to the high court in November. All to force people to take up cycling and give up cars. What is so sad it that a Labour Council is actually destroying democracy. All for now bye.

Various Interests

At the moment some of these go nowhere as yet. They are being created.

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