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I had put a temporary repair to this roof by sealing the whole in new thick felt a few years ago. On finding that the water was not running away I decided to clean up the years of collected soil and dead leaves etc. When I did this I found that the roof was underlating so I decided to put a new roof on. Luckily for me, as it had started to leak and rot the wood below. I was also surprised how thin the roof materials were and that they were made from recycled window frames. When these houses were made over a hundred years ago wood was scarce ans expensive so the builders used what they had to hand. I also found that what I thought was solid brickwork above the bay was actually a facade and only a thin skim of cement. I have now nearly finished putting on the new roof and will restore the plants on a more substantial roof.

Ivybuddleja309 Crocus309 Blackbird309 Roots309 Roof309

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