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Vanda orchids are difficult to maintain as it needs spraying several times a day. or at least two times a day. I have adapted an Airwick room scent dispenser to do the job for me automatically. What i have done is to take an empty canister and soldered a car valve in its base. Then half fill it with distilled water and fertilizer then re-pressurise it using a tyre inflater. At low pressure it did not work properly and I had to incerese the pressure to about 80 psi then it works every 35 minutes keeping the roots of the vanda moist. Unfortunately this only holds enough water for a few days and I have to refill it with water and fertilizer. Distilled water or car battery water is used as it avoids the build up of calcium which would spoil its operation. I was told by the Vanda keeper at Kew Gardens that the leaves should not need spraying as I use to do so now only the roots gets misted. The roots should also look green not white as it use to look when I forget to water it. I look forward to it flowering later. At least I can forget it for a few days without it suffering drought.

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