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After my open days have past I leave these Nastursums to do their own thing. They grow well in the rich soil and reminds me of Lotus plants. At this time of the year most of my annuals have died off and the Nastursums takes their place adding interest where otherwise would be dying annuals. Nastursums will grow well on poor soil, but the leaves would not get as large. The flowers and leaves are great addition to salads and the seeds can be pickled. The flowers and seeds have a peppery taste. The range of colours from yellow, red to brown and mixtures of these colours is also wonderful. There are even double flowering varieties of these plants which must be propagated by cuttings. I have had to start pulling up some of them as I have to plant my spring bulbs which are already late in planting.

Aeonium1008 Bulbine1008 Lemon1008 Cottonester1008 Nastursumc1008

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