This page was updated on 5th October 2008


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For the 5th of October the front garden is still looking great. The Black Eye Susan and the zonal Pelargonium (Geranium) on the front fence is looking great. The Bourgainvillea glabra is covered in its purple flowers. The Petunias up the wall and in the basket is covered in flowers despite catching a bit of mildew. Above the bay window the Cosmos and pelargonium are producing a mass of pink flowers. I am a little disapointed by the Chalice vine which has not flowered, but has put on a lot of growth which looks good in front of the white walls. The Lobelias, Lantanas, Fuchsias, Dahlia and Cannas are still in flower.

Frontgarden1008 Castoroil1008 Frontfence1008 Mockacasia1008 Bourgainvillea1008

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