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This garden designd by Jamie Durie and sponsored by Flemings Nurseries and Trailfinders This garden definitely has an Australian theme and was awarded a Gold merit and the President's choice for the best garden. The design uses some of the unique natural materials of the Australian landscape and combines them with modern elements to create a very liveable space. The curving slabs of polished marble in an Australian brown colour, which blended with the wood formed raised beds and looked spectacular. The design draws on the varying Australian landscape from the beach to the bush. There is an extensive use of water and an Australian native planting theme, using some of Australia's most distinctive plants. A large shallow pond of water gives way to a serpentine timber deck. Incorporated into the deck are some gentle undulations that function as ideal positions for lounging in the warmth of the sun. These undulations are cleverly mimicked in the pool to give the impression of curved water. At the rear of the garden is some traditional Australian aboriginal artwork. There are are large steel and copper sculptures that serve as decorative elements, as well as planters. The planting mimics the way many of these plants occur in their native habitats

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