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The Cadogan Estate includes some of London’s most famous streets and garden squares, including Sloane Street and Cadogan Square. A Cadogan Garden, designed by Robert Myers and sponsored by the Cadogan Estates reflects the history and the future of the Cadogan Estate. It is a contemporary space, inspired by elements of the modern courtyards and squares of the Estate, while also referencing elements from its history. A space at the rear of the garden is used for informal seating, and is paved with sawn York stone slabs. To one side of the terrace is a statue of Sir Hans Sloane, the founder of the Cadogan Estate. Seen through overhanging trees, this statue forms a distant focal point along the main path. The terrace is surrounded by a shallow canal, fed by a water wall. The canal leads to two shallow rills that flow through the planting, creating narrow vistas and informal irrigation channels. To the front of the garden is a small piazza area, paved with sawn York stone. The two water rills emerge at this point from the planting to join to form a small pool.

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