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This garden designed by Diarmuid Gavin and Stephen Reilly and sponsor Westland Horticulture only won a Silver-gilt award. There seems to be a love hate relationship at Chelsea with Diarmuid as he designs gardens which are sometimes outrageous, but this time I thought he got it mostly right. This garden also came into life in the evening when the lighting, constantly changing colours reflecting from the giant umbrella daisies, really extended the use as an entertainment area. During the day the giant daisies would act as a sunshade. The garden is designed for an active and artistic mature couple. It includes a pavilion with two wings that intersect, providing two glass studio spaces, each with its own deck overlooking a pond. This is an environment where the couple can express themselves artistically and intellectually, while being surrounded by a green haven in a woodland area. Tiles laid out in a giant floral pattern There are slight undulations in the landscape, mounding around a superb Japanese maple. There is a compost heap, which is used to enrich the soil in the woodland. Rainwater is collected from the roof to water and top-up the pond. The planting is green with small interludes of colour.

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