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Designer: Andy Sturgeon Contractor: The Outdoor Room Sponsor: Cancer Research UK The Cancer Research UK Garden, designed by Andy Sturgeon and sponsored by Cancer Research UK is a contemporary woodland garden, inspired by the enormous amount of progress that Cancer Research UK has made, and continues to make, in the battle to beat cancer. The progress of the organisation is represented by the inclusion of four large rectangular pools that increase in size from the front to the back of the garden. From within these pools, a series of computer-generated raindrop-like ripples create a sequence of movement from the rear of the garden, towards the front. The backdrop to the garden is a ‘thought wall’, a construction of shot-blasted and waxed steel rings, designed to symbolise the amount of research carried out by Cancer Research UK. This is placed in front of a cutting edge concrete render, made from crushed almonds, onto which the evening sun projects the bubble shapes of the thought wall.

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