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The Daily Telegraph garden, designed by Arabella Lennox-Boyd, is meant to be quiet beauty and minimalist simplicity. In a bold design statement, two thirds of the site has been flooded with water, the surface broken only by rocks and slim, twisting ribbons of paving and water lilies. A narrow strip of tiered yew hedging, fringed with roses, runs alongside the pool. And, at the back of the site, the garden diffuses into the green shade of a large tree where a mirror, part-screened by bamboo, gives an illusion of distance and continuity. Its designer is Arabella Lennox-Boyd, The inspiration for this came from the Zen garden of raked gravel at the temple of Roanji in Kyoto, Japan, thought to date from the late-16th century. There is also an echo of the traditional oriental symbol of Yin and Yang (the opposing male and female qualities) in the S-shaped central pathway and balancing placement of rocks. I thought the garden was very beautiful, but a little impractical as there were not much space devoted to guests to sit and enjoy it.

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