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Many Gardens do not have a compost heap. I think that this is a big mistake. My compost heap provides me with rich compost for spreading around my plants at least three and sometimes more times a year. My garden soil has benefited over the years and is now very rich in organic matter. What this does is first to keep my wanted plants growing well and second to keep the slugs a in the soil and prevent a lot of predation on my wanted plants. Some of the slugs in my garden are very large(see Wildlife Slugs) yet I do not get as much predation as when I first started developing this garden. Another thing it does is to help retain water in my sandy soil, which would otherwise dry out rapidly. The speed of the recycling of plant material is dependent on the size of the pieces put in the heap. I therefore use a shredder to chop most of the plant material added to the heap. I also add some of the composted material from the bottom to the top after adding new material. Some compost accelerator also help to speed the process.

Dendrobium1107 Acasia1107 Osterspernum1107 Fuschiafulgens1107 Compost1107

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