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The frost caught me out a week ago and I had to hurry and cover many plants with what was to hand. I did leave the Tree Fern outside under the umbrella,but I changed my mind and brought it inside along with many other tender plants. This picture shows the back conservatory which is crammed full of plants. In the trunk of the Tree Fern you can see an Echium which has self seeded itself from a large one I had a couple of years ago. Behind the Tree Fern is the Iochroma which is now about 12 feet(4 mtrs) tall and had to be bent over to get it inside. The Banana I think was left outside too long and next year I will have to bring it inside earlier. The stems leading to the roof is from the Brugmansia's (Angels Trumpets) which was hit by the frost. As I have to prune it to keep it toa reasonable size This does not matter too much.

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