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As last year I had a Bougainvillea survived outside covered in snow , under a piece of bubble-wrap. I am risking my 8 year old Bougainvillea outside, but covered in bubble-wrap against the house wall. The one I had left outside did not lose its leaves and recovered to flower in July a little later than this that one I took inside. Whenever I took it inside it lost all its leaves due to the shock in moving in inside. I am hoping the south facing house wall and the heat from the house will prevent the frost from killing it and as it will not lose its leaves it will become a stronger plant next year. I am forced to leave as much plants outside as I now have so many new plants space inside is at a premium. See next picture.

Cobea1107 Bourgainvilla1107 Plantsinside1107 Backgarden1107 Shed1107

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