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The storms at the end of winter 2006 broke the umbrella in several places. I have since repaired it to a better standard and may leave the Tree Fern outside this year. I will make up my mind later in the year. The brolly is to keep the frost away from the fronds. When I first made it I had a skirt around it which enclosed most of the trunk as well. I may still do that, but I am not sure. I have taken the vase Plant (Achmea) inside to complete its flowering . It had five flowerhead coming up. I cant wait to see them all in full flower. The Ornitogallum will be brought in later in the year as will the Aeonium. The grape vine that is climbing up the the Tree Fern is being pruned in stages. The branches inside the greenhouse has already been pruned and some of the branches outside. I have until spring to complete it.

Nastursumtub1007 Nerine1007 Umbrella1007 Cloche1007 Italicum1007

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