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Now in October the Front Garden is still looking good. The Everlasting Peas has died back and I have planted many bulbs in the raised bed. The Ginger lilies are3 just about to become fully open in the next day or two. The Bougainvillea is still flowering well and the Hebe next door has been cut back to prevent it from getting too large and straggly. The Crinums has finished flowering so too has the Solanum Wendlandii. The St Johns Worth is still flowering and growing up the wall so too is the Cobea Scandens up the wall to the guttering. The Day lilies are flowering again on the roof. The Cherry pie is still scenting the walkway as the public walks by. The Osterspernum whirligig is threatening to take over the roses and the basket. Nastursums are creeping everywhere. I leave these to themselves at this time of the year. The verbenas and Black Eye Susan are still flowering well. So too are the Geraniums (Pelargoniums).

Salvia1007 Iochroma1007 Abutioln1007 Ginger1007 Frgarden1007

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