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The latest addition to the garden is the Crying Eye. It took some time and effort to make this artwork which lights up when the garden lights are turned on. I originally wanted it to be a water feature with an revolving moving eye and all made of glass. This was a little too ambitious to finish in time for the show, so I settled for this design. The teardrops contain feathers looking like an eye and glass of the three primary colours. There are many symbolism for these choices. The first teardrop was to contain a figure of a man, but again time was against me, but the symbolism is not wasted. The Glass eye was made by Stern glass near Vauxhalland the teardrops was made by Chem Glass in Forest Gate. The other parts was made by myself in stainless steel.

Cucumber0711 Runbeans0711 Crops0711 Crying_eye Thief1

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