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Thunbergia mysorensis Mysore Clock Vine


Winter to Summer

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This is the Mysore Clock Vine, or Thunbergia mysorensis, an truly exotic, woody-stemmed, evergreen climbing flowering plant, native to India. The name 'mysorensis' derives from the city of Mysore in the south of India. It is also sometimes called the "brick & butter vine" or "dolls' shoes".
Given the right conditions it can reach 20 feet and has glossy green leaves. It flowers from winter through to summer, given the right conditions, wave after wave of eye-catching flowers are produced, hanging down from the vine in long clusters. Growers in the Americas have noticed that hummingbirds love them because the flower cups are filled with nectar!
It truly is a wonderful flowering vine especially if you can grow it over an arched tunnel where the flowers can hang down.
The plant is more delicate in appearance and climate needs than its blue flowered Thumbergia cousins. It needs a warm temperature throughout its growing seasons. This vine does not seed well and propagation is mostly by layering. This picture was taken from Kew gardens as mine has not flowered as yet. I am finding it rather difficult to keep as I keep neglecting it in the position where it is in with the orchids.

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