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Geranium maderense Madiera Cranesbill


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I cant wait for this biennial geranium to flower. I bought it last year and it has not floweres as yet. It is planted under the arch by the front gate. It is now Mid December and I am going to give it some protection for the winter as some people says it is not fully hardy. It is from Madiera and resembles a small Palm Tree, with a stout trunk and radiating petioles of palmate foliage. Velvety, magenta pink flowers are produced In panicles aloft the exotic foliage. The petioles are said to bend downwards and support the flowering panicle.

S_geranium_maderense-c_madiera_cranesbill S_geranium_maderense-c_madiera_cranesbill[2]

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